Creative Fitness: Let’s make a collage card!

One thing I like to do when creativity is “stuck” and I am not sure what to work on? Make a card.

In the beginning it started as a way for me to figure out what I do and don’t like in my cards. It is also a way to use up scraps and leftover bits. Also? ZERO pressure. Sometimes just playing around with bits of this and that is all I need?

Where do you start? 

Pick one minor/background thing and put it on a folded card – or a card front. Here are some suggestions:

  • washi tape (shown/used above)
  • patterned paper block or strip
  • doily
  • stenciled design (ink or otherwise colored, used with paste, etc)
  • background stamp

Note that you may not see ANY of what you start with. The point really is to just get SOMETHING down on that paper.

What’s next? See what that one piece sparks. Pull out bits and pieces and just layer them. Notice I didn’t say glue? NO pressure, no glue. Just lay stuff out and see what looks good. Move stuff around. Above you can see I have a whole sheet of embellishments layered with some paper things under – no glue yet…

Still not committing – but I stitched a doily and two die cuts together. I like these textures and colors together and “worst case” – I will just use this cluster on some other project.

I kept coming back to the rosette & deer stickers though, and they really do look good together.  So now at this point liking these elements and the balance for the card I glue them all down onto the card front. This is establishing the solid base. You can see I have textures, colors, there is contrast. It’d be ok like this with just a sentiment added. You’ll notice with this process I have not yet gotten into small details.

Now that there’s a strong base? That’s exactly what I did! Some small things I like to add to cards include:

  • buttons
  • sequins
  • gold mist
  • pearls
  • beads
  • glitter glue
  • thread
  • tiny stickers
  • epoxy dots

Basically? Anything that would add a little fun to the card. Keep bulk in mind *if* you’ll be mailing it. My card was being hand delivered so I did not worry about bulkiness or weight.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my walk-through of this card- I had a lot of fun making it and there is a note + gift card taped inside. Boom! Baby shower gift handled.

Looking for more of my tried & true design ideas? Tried & True Cards (and Scrapbook Layouts!) are classes all about that. You can find more information about those classes and all my other online classes on my site here.

4 thoughts on “Creative Fitness: Let’s make a collage card!”

  1. One of the things I learned from you is that you can always cover up the parts of an embellishment you don’t like. I try to keep that in mind when I’m coming up with a design.

  2. Such a sweet card … and Tired and True cards is one of my favourite classes of yours! Those designs are just classics that I keep coming back to!

  3. I just NEED to do this- use up some of the mostly used gem packs, etc… I have a bunch- and I have a reason right now to do so- I need to make 3 thank you cards and a sympathy card… so off to work 🙂

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