around here: May 2018

Around here we’ve been eating healthy except for the rare & worthy splurge (such as the Fremont Diner – see pic below), preparing for summer adventures, and keeping busy!

I’ve got a new article up at about embellishing simple pocket pages and I hosted a crop at my local store. During the crop? I made an entire scrapbook album (6×8 pocket pages) – yes really!

The trick was to keep things simple, and don’t over think it! Had a blast with some truly lovely women and can’t wait to crop with them again. This tends to be the busiest month of the year – and adding to it this year is Elizabeth’s track season!

She had her first meet where she ran the 4×400 (aka mile) relay and helped her team win! So excited for her – and love supporting her love of running. Speaking of love… ’tis the season for adoption anniversaries! Ranger was adopted this week last year. We tend to celebrate all dogs on June 1- since they all came to live with us within a few weeks of that day.

Can’t believe we’ve had Scrappy 4 years, Ranger 3, and Bandit 2 years! Love our adopted pups!

I’m heading back into the studio to create more content for you here as well as finishing up the sign-up info for my new online class! I’ll be watching Schitt’s Creek – a show Stephanie Howell recommended to me – as well. This show really tickled my funny bone! If you loved Best In Show – you might wanna check it out.

What are you up to these days? Lots of crafting? Year end madness for school? Do tell!

4 thoughts on “around here: May 2018”

  1. Wowza, always a lot happening at your place.

    Gotta agree on Schitt’s Creek!

  2. Sounds like you are keeping REALLY busy, May!!! I’m currently–desperately–trying to get cards done for my last month as a Dirty Dozen design team member at Deadline in a week and I’m feeling the pressure. 😛 Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us! Congrats to your daughter on helping her team win the race. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  3. You are always so busy and happy and positive. I really love reading your “around here” posts! Christine from Scrap Time recently did a video using the Dyalog system for her last Disney trip – could be worth you checking out?

  4. Love seeing the pics of the puppers and elizabeth running. She is awesome. Schitt’s Creek a big favorite of mine. only thing I’m creating at the moment is monarch butterflies. We’ve lost 3 chrysalises to disease called the black death. no lie-you can google it. But 3 have emerged and flown away. We have 11 more we’re crossing our fingers on.

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