rainbow of notes: DIY notebook

Recently at an event I got a goodie bag from Pipsticks (a sticker club!) – and one of the pages of stickers was a rainbow of hearts. Since I had a new little blank notebook I decided to decorate it!

To create this I began at one corner and worked to the opposite, just leaving space and adding “notes” in letter stickers.

Once all the stickers were on the cover I took PPA (perfect paper adhesive) and coated the entire front with it. This will do a few things – it will ensure stickers don’t flick off, add strength to the paper, and it all dries clear!

Once dry you won’t see any trace of the adhesive that i used as a sealant – and it’s ready for all my thoughts and ideas.

This happy spring colored notebook is just the right project to make on a rainy day. What have you made recently? I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “rainbow of notes: DIY notebook”

  1. That looks really pretty! I find I am more likely to use pretty notebooks than plain ones. PPA is good stuff — I put some on my wishlist years ago when you recommended it and the bottle I got as a gift is only half gone.

  2. That is so so cute! I’ve been making thank you cards … sadly my mum passed away last month so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by making cards to say thanks to all our family and friends who sent flowers and cards.

  3. That’s a cute notebook. I have to try PPA, thank you for sharing your ideas. I am catching up on project life, and doing 6×8 and 12×12 layouts as well. Michelle t

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