ScanNCut: Frozen watercoloring

As I always disclose – I am a brand ambassador for the ScanNCut – it really is a machine I use and love! All ideas and opinions you see here are my own – including one of my favorites which is to have watercolor fun with the ScanNCut and all that I draw from it!

There is a draw feature, as well as a pen holder tool that will hold most pens/markers including my favorite watercolor pens. What does this mean? I can draw the large swirling Elsa cut file, and then watercolor and play!

If you want to see my YouTube tutorial, you can check out that video here. The basic steps are:

  • select a pattern
  • Insert pen/pen holder tool
  • Draw onto paper (I tend to like watercolor paper)
  • Add your own designs, colors, and customization as you please!

My favorite thing about this particular technique is that you can create projects – or just create fun designs to color in similar to a coloring book!

If you want another example – here is my unicorn video tutorial that I created a while back. The Elsa (Frozen) cut file used here is one from the new Disney/Frozen cut files for the ScanNCut! These are available to purchase from Brother dealers.

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