A little stamped fun

Recently I ordered some stamps from Ellen Hutson (affiliate links used below) – and they had them to me in 2 days. How quick is that? To start with I stamped in black archival ink various images all over a piece of watercolor paper. Then I pulled out my clean color pens and got to work! The goal here is to have fun – NOT to worry about finalized projects or anything else. 

Once done, if any stood out I cut the paper they were on out in a shape, and made a card!

Totally simple way to get a few more cards for my stash, as well as a pressure-free way to create. The stamp used here is by Flora & Fauna- love them! I love doing this technique with new stamp sets because:

  • inevitably a few will turn out ugly (more on that in another post next week!)
  • There is no pressure
  • I can focus on techniques and play
  • If things turn out well it is easy to convert into cards

My formula is just to stitch & mount the white paper onto paper(s) I think look good. No embellishing, no fuss, no worries!

I am working out a date to go and crop at a local shop – I haven’t gone and done that in ages mostly because I am the slowest crop packer (I want to take it all!) – but I’m going to try and pack my bags and try a crop some day soon. What are you up to in your world? I always love hearing about your creative (and not so creative) adventures. Feel free to share!

4 thoughts on “A little stamped fun”

  1. These are simple, yet so beautiful. I have been uninspired to ‘touch paper’ lately. I think these sweet cards are just the inspiration I needed. Thanks May!

  2. I love that heart card! It certainly has inspired me this very minute to go make something! thanks

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