February around here…

It is in the mid 70s, the sun is out, and we are in high spirits here in the Flaum house! The pups are loving their warm afternoon naps and I’m loving that I am feeling better and more productive!! Today alone I’ve done more than I have in a single day in so long. So very happy. Here’s what is happening around here: 

A new online class “Mini Book to Treasure” is coming next week to Dixon, CA (call Its All About the Scrapbook to sign up!) + online after that. Details coming soon! I’ve had such fun putting this one together.

I’m also running a new YouTube series on my channel: Creative Fitness. Info is here and I’m entering week 3 strong!

This new suitcase from Oh Joy is my everything. I’ve been searching for an ombre or really pretty suitcase – thank you!! This will be my treat/reward when I get to week 6 successfully. (When, not if!!)

I am still obsessed with this commercial, and the Giants win everything from now on in my book. I remember doing this dance as a teenager and still know most of the steps. Ha!

I am in full European planning mode. I will be honest- I am a travel planning NERD. Of course I am, I have an actual degree in it! I’m deep in the details and taking a lot of notes to try and both help my trip AND because I have not only a blog full of posts coming, but also some classes and fun projects based off the planner, scrapbooker, and other aspects.

You know me – I’ve always got a million ideas running! 😉

Miss Elizabeth has been taking some horseback riding lessons on a horse named Ace. and is LOVING it! She had to skip last week due to pneumonia (I tell you it’s never dull here!) but is back in the saddle – literally!

What’s new in your neck of the woods? I always love chatting with you and am happy to get your emails, or feel free to chat over on the Craft With May FB group! I’ll be back soon with some crafty posts – I’m editing videos & loading them up to be scheduled as I type!

5 thoughts on “February around here…”

  1. Catching up after having hubby home for 18 WEEKS recovering from ankle surgery. I am just not built for that much togetherness. Loved the newsletter on creative & physical fitness. thank you for putting it all out there. Inspiring to see we all make goals and some work,some don’t-but you keep on trucking. Going to catch up on the you tubes today.

  2. It’s 32 degrees, cloudy and 82% humidity in Metro Washington DC. We’d love some sunshine right about now!

    Good luck with Creative Fitness. Whether or not you achieve every goal each week, you’re focusing on what you want to accomplish, which is the key to changing behavior. Looking forward to hearing about the new things you’re up to.

  3. This morning we had a snowy mix in South East PA, but my daughter’s school bus picked her up on time despite it all (other local districts closed) so we are winning that battle today. TOmorrow I will be watching the Eagles parade from my living room and avoiding the millions of people and 20 degree temps. Saturday brings my daughter’s final performance in district chorus, last week was orchestra. Then we are headed to the happiest place in Florida. I LOVE all your Disney posts.

  4. OMG that ad is hilarious!!!! Loving that suitcase too – what a great idea to pick out a reward for yourself! If you need any ideas for Europe, please let me know!! Elizabeth looks right at home on that horse!!
    I’m trying a bullet journal idea I saw somewhere – not that I actually have a bullet journal. But I got myself a small moleskine journal which I use when I travel to Oz (here for a month now). So I made took 2 pages and wrote the numbers 1-28 across the top and then the things I want to do every day (read, drink water, go to bed on time, etc) down one side. Then I colour in a little box for each day that I have done each thing. So far it’s working for me but I’m still not getting to bed when I want to!

  5. I have been very quiet in the creative department lately. I’ve had a couple of health things that have taken precedence. I’m having a rough time, so I’m just going to try and pick up a couple of journal cards to write some stories out. I also want to practice some more with watercolors. Michelle t

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