Scrapbook 2018: checking in

I want to have better scrapbooking habits in 2018. Scrapbooking for me is not quite the same as my other crafting because it revolves around stories, memories, and past events. Where I can sit down and walk away with a complete card in 10 minutes easily – the same really isn’t true with scrapbooking. Today I want to share with you what I am trying, as well as what is working so far. 

I have long been a fan of pocket page style because it speeds along the “what will the design be?” aspect. I can simply write on specific sized cards, add photos, walk away done with a story. That said – I also am a big fan of embellishments so balancing those two out has been a challenge lately. What is working?

  • I flip through and tell the story as I see fit on an available journaling card, then make sure to add a sticker or other decoration to said card
  • I take one sticker sheet or piece of paper and “use it up” as I flip through the book and look for places needing sprucing up
  • I have the book out on my desk and open, so when I walk by I can quickly add a bit

What I am finding is that while yes, scrapbook is crafting I am in a different mindset and it isn’t so much about one small or specific project need so I require a bit more focus.

I also am finding that mixing a lot of pocket page style (or actual pocket pages) in while picking traditional style scrapbook pages when I have a specific idea is helping me feel like I’m making progress while also giving me more freedom to add “quick and easy” along with technique or time consuming creative ideas.

I’ve said it before – but I really refuse to pressure myself to hurry up with any given scrapbook project because I know being caught up just isn’t something I will ever do or be. That said – I am working on some new online scrapbooking classes focusing on several different ideas from getting a jump on things to quick techniques to more pow/punch for your time.

In the meantime I continue to experiment with what works – and I’d love to hear what is working for you! Or what your questions or problem areas are. Or any requests! I will be sure to continue to share my stories + progress with you here. Have a wonderful week!

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook 2018: checking in”

  1. Sounds like an excellent plan, May! It’s a challenge to fit projects into small bits of time.

  2. Thanks so much for this post, May! I get so much enjoyment out of scrapbooking–when its finished. When I have a few minutes to craft I always first choose to make cards. It takes a bigger dose of motivation to get me to scrapbook. I followed your lead a few years ago and now make hybrid albums combining pocket pages with traditional 12 x 12 layouts for just the reasons your outlined today. Initially I had a problem when I wanted to put a pocket page type layout on the back of a 12 x 12 but once again you helped me out when you did a post about “faux” pocket pages–making a layout look like a pocket page. Now I’m struggling with the reverse issue. What do you do when you have a pocket page on one side, but do not have the photos or small story for the back side and want to make a double page 12 x 12 layout there? I try to organize my albums monthly, using pocket pages to document the smaller, everyday type stories and 12 x 12 pages for bigger stories or when I want to highlight just one or two really good photos. Following this loose chronological order sometimes presents problems if I have a month where I don’t have the photos or the stories to fit into the blank spaces that I have. Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

  3. May I like to do mainly 12×12 Pages but am liking fitting a pocket page in especially if it’s a big story. I have a problem with the back side of these pages. Sometimes I have the wrong orientation photos or my story doesn’t stretch to the back, then it’s awkward starting a new story. Doing your faux pocket page has helped but I do have quite a few pocket page protectors that need using and I’m not a project life Girl. Any more tips/ ideas? Thanks for all your great content and looking forward to new classes!

  4. This is such a great post May. I’ve been thinking a lot about our hobby and why I do it. I’ve realised that I do it for me. I get joy from looking at photos and remembering the stories connected to them.

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