Welcome 2018!

A fresh new year is upon us – and while I don’t believe in resolutions (I’m a take action as things come up girl) I do like pausing to reflect on what has been going well and what I’m happy with. I’m excited by all of the new creative projects I have in the works – so I want to mention a few to you today!

I have a new FREE online class available now! You can check it out and sign up here. 

In the next few months I have a few new classes coming (mini book fun, travel, memory keeping theory, and more) both online and also in person if you happen to be in Northern Ca.

I am also working on some new regular features for here on my blog and across social media with a wide variety of crafts, and doing what I can to keep streamlining work flow, keeping things ahead to avoid ’emergency’, and more.

Finally, the diet & exercise is going great. I’ve been going strong for 5+ weeks making really strong food choices, adding more veggies, daily exercise, and more. Making treats a rare and thought out choice instead of stuff being just shoveled into my mouth. It feels great – and I am working daily to keep strengthening my good habits.

I would like to strengthen some of my scrapbooking habits – but all in good time.

How about you? What are you doing well? Going into 2018 what are you happy about? Let me know! I’d also love to hear about plans and actions you’re setting up to strengthen your new year.

Happy 2018 crafting!

3 thoughts on “Welcome 2018!”

  1. Thanks for the free class! I hope to get back into scrapbooking. I have lots of pictures that need to be in albums. I like your blog. Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year May! I’m glad the diet and exercise are going well for you … would a class on that be too much to ask?? I’ve really got to do something! thanks for the free class – I just signed up.

  3. By Friday morning, I had watched all of the videos for the class – by this evening (Saturday), I have decorated over 40 pages in three of my journals (gardening, hand needlework and knitting). They were very plain little notebooks and now the pages make me smile. I only used washi tape, some very old stickers, and a little ribbon – simply did them with the supplies in my lap while watching movies with the family in the evenings. I use these journals for keeping notes so I only decorated the outer edges, leaving plenty of room to write. Since I used up some old sticker sheets , I need to buy a couple of more to finish the remainder of the pages. Your class was perfect timing for me! Truly enjoyed being a little creative, with very little effort, no stress, yet great results! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration :).

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