Iron-on to customize your gifts with the ScanNCut

When it comes to customizing things – the ScanNCut is my best friend!

disclaimer- I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions shared by me are always my own.

Around this time of year I really love to add details to my projects and one of my favorite things to do any day of the year is adding Brother’s glitter iron-on material to things!

The process is always simple:

  • pick your design(s), turn any text backwards, and cut using ScanNCut
  • either weed out or simply remove the material from carrier sheet (depending on intricacy of design)
  • heat fabric with iron, place design(s), place fabric over, then iron until set

Seriously easy – and fun on everything from towels like this to tote bags to Tshirts! I made a quick YouTube video to show the process as well.

While my towel is going to be more as a hand towel – not for heavy duty scrubbing – you can find a lot of uses for glitter-ified stuff!

I am going to be gifting this to a friend along with some other dog themed goodies – what fun stuff have you been making to gift this year? I’d love to hear about your projects!

2 thoughts on “Iron-on to customize your gifts with the ScanNCut”

  1. So cute! I wish I were as adept at using the scan n cut as you are. Last night I had to get out the manual because I was having so much trouble. I said to myself May Flaum would know how to do this! I know I can count on your videos to help me out when I get stuck.

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