Museum of Ice Cream SF: celebrating fun

This last week the girls and I got the chance to head into San Francisco and check out the Museum of Ice Cream. I knew there would be a lot of pink, and it would probably be fun… but that was about it. When we first entered a very perky guide started talking about team names and how we’d go through this experience with others and man that made me nervous. Turns out – no worries. It’s totally self-paced, do as you like, and oh – a whole lot of fun.

The way it is set up, you go through as you please and can enjoy each display, each treat, and each bit of artistry however long you please. Very small groups are admitted at a time, so that means you don’t have crowds or anything. Lovely!

I will be honest this space is entirely ridiculous and I mean that with the highest praise. Part Wonka, part unicorn, 100% fun all the time. It was an absolutely ideal way to spend a morning and to end what has been a few months of nonstop work!

We sampled everything from mochi to cotton candy – the sugar was such a fun addition to all of the art and detail of this space. I couldn’t get over how cool it is that someone invented this. Someone took a wild idea and simply made it happen! It reminds me that creativity rocks, and that it comes in many MANY wonderful forms.

I took so many photos that I’m thinking about a special photo project with interactive elements and techniques. This project will become a mini-class so stay tuned. I can’t wait to get creative in my own way inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream.

For more information about MOIC, you can visit their website. If you get the chance to experience it I strongly recommend it. It was pure silly fun and a highlight of our “break” week. Now here comes Monday and we’re all back to school and work – but we’ll not soon forget the time spent in the pink sugary world that was the Museum of Ice Cream.

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