Falling into the crazy…

I always say that balance is not something you find – it’s something you constantly work towards. These last few weeks have proven no exception! I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the logistics of having kids in two schools, starting a third website (more on that SOON!), our first foray into school sports (cross country – daily practice), 1/4 of the house torn up for new flooring AND it’s backordered AND  and Elizabeth is living in the studio…. oh man. Now Girl Scouts are heating back up… and on and on!

I know these busy times and chaos filled times plague us all. But I also believe they are opportunities to test our balancing skills.

Me? I’ve not done great. Heck I forgot to write and schedule blog posts this week until just now (Thursday night) as I write and post this! OH, I’ve got PLANS, I’ve got things written down, ideas, etc… I just hadn’t gotten around to actually doing any of them. Sometimes even the best made plans get thrown into the air.

My solution? I’m just looking at my list and ticking off one thing at a time. No worries – no added stress. Just working on that ever changing challenge that is balance! This isn’t my finest post of all time – but I wanted to check in and I also wanted to get myself back in the habit: sit and write a post while kids are doing homework.

Good habits really make a big difference!

The above picture I just found from many years ago (see that big drink? that’d never happen these days! A habit I kicked long ago!) and I love seeing what the studio was like then. Some ideas were real good… some were awful. I have some really fun projects in the queue, and I’ll be sure to share with you as they are completed.

There are so many disasters (fires, hurricanes, too much!!) going on I just don’t know where to begin or what to say. It’s all so heartbreaking – and I just keep my thoughts with all those affected and those who are there to help and try to make a difference. I’ve seen some truly inspiring stories and it reminds me to always support each other, show kindness whenever possible!

How are YOU doing going into this September? 

7 thoughts on “Falling into the crazy…”

  1. Youve got a lot on your plate! The best way to progress is exactly what you are doing: step by step, one foot in front of the other, one thing at a time
    Im off to Australia with my mum and sister at the end of September so this whole month is about that!

  2. May I love your choose joy card! I know how you feel. My issues are different than yours but we all are in the same boat.

  3. I’ve had my ups & downs, but overall I am doing pretty well. I’ve been trying to finish the heritage scrapbook for a friend of mine, getting some of the clutter disposed of, done a little, very little, spring deep cleaning of some areas of the house, trying to balance diet and exercise for optimal results (very slow going – I haven’t kicked the big drink yet, although I have added a big water in the mix), and am getting ready to visit my parents for a few weeks (Dad has alsthimers and step mom needs relief).

    Been there with a lot of what you are going through, except for the blog, when the kids were still at home and I had more energy…just keep plugging away, one day or hour, at a time, you’ll absolutely get through it!

  4. You are SUPER busy. September is a month of change for me this year. I am working on launching a blog of my own- totally changing how I’ve been doing things. I’m also taking a drawing & water color class as well as a penmanship class to improve my writing… So I’m learning many new things… I’m wondering when overload will hit tho. We shall see.

    Excited to see your new website.

  5. Looking forward to your new website!! I love the card, too. That is a motto of sorts of mine.

    I already miss summer!! My girl just started th grade. I miss my boys, we sent them off to college 3 weeks ago, and there’s still a lot of crazy quiet going on.

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