Feather Wreath featuring ScanNCut Canvas design

There I was, logging in to create a rhinestone pattern online via ScanNCut  Canvas and I spotted a few new to me projects on the home page. Recently I had been discussing with my daughter Rebecca how she wanted some kind of feather décor for her wall in ‘her colors’ once I paint it the new minty green color. I spied a feather project that seemed just right – except I wasn’t sure I had a good place to hang something like the original… so I improvised. 

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (thank you!) you already know – but I always disclose that I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas, projects, and opinions are 100% my own. The ScanNCut and I are BFF’s and I love sharing projects using it!

First of all – yay, thank you, and wow to Brother for consistently adding to the projects available free of charge on Canvas. Not just the exact size/cut files needed but also PDF instructions and often even a video how-to as well. So much added value for my ScanNCut machine which I already get a ton of use out of as it is!

When I see one I really want to make I immediately download it, as I don’t want to forget or lose track of where it was since new ones are added regularly.

Second: I want to remind you that whenever you’re inspired by a project you can take it and make it your own! On the PDF file instructions it showed the feathers being tied with string in the way I used (using needle/making holes) so I took that inspiration. It also suggested vellum which I found to be a wonderful medium to use on this project. Other than that though, I just used my own ideas, colors, and inspiration to create something just right for me. Or should I say, for my daughter!

Here is the video tutorial for this project.

I adore how this turned out – quite honestly I was sitting here in the studio wishing I could budget a trip to the craft store (and knowing I could NOT) and this project inspired me to look around at what I had at home, and what I could do with supplies on hand.

The girl who requested this wreath? Well she is absolutely delighted by the results!

My favorite part is the gold thread. I love making messy tangles with thread as an accent to a project – it adds so much texture and detail! One thing you didn’t see in the video is I flicked this project with gold mist. I like the added “mess” that created it was an after the fact addition. Sometimes after a project sits a while I just think “oh wait! it needs…” and that’s ok too! No rules that say the creative process must all be completed in one sitting for a project.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create a little something of your own. I know I’m inspired to try my hand at a seasonal wreath or two (in a larger size even) and see what I can come up with.

5 thoughts on “Feather Wreath featuring ScanNCut Canvas design”

  1. What fun! I haven’t quite figured out why arrow and feather motifs are so popular, but this feather project has me thinking differently. The shape, cut in vellum, really is lovely. Can’t wait to see how Miss R’s room comes together.

  2. I think she likes it!! It is just adorable. beautiful colours and I love all the feathers!
    I just have to say how cute that little jar dish is that you have your sequins and buttons in!!

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