Around here: August Edition

Hey there friends – it’s been a LONG while since I did an “around here” post and it’s certainly not due to a lack of action! We kicked off the summer with an amazing family first trip to NYC and loved every detail from the dessert to the shows (we saw Aladdin) to the sights. We took that trip the first day of summer break and it’s impossible to think that in just over a week we’ll be starting school once again! What?! What happened?? Well…

Scrappy and Bandit are moving Miss Elizabeth’s room around and being oh so helpful in all things. The girls badly want to change paint colors and while the thought makes me groan (guess who gets to do that?) I think they’re right it’s been 4+ years it is time for a new look.

Ranger (not pictured) is over an epic ear infection that took him over a month to kick. It always makes me laugh that our “big” dog is the sensitive one who gets the most confounding medical issues.

Speaking of moving and cleaning rooms… we’re doing kind of an epic “the entire house except the bathrooms and kitchen” move around here. Some painting. Purging tons of clutter and rearranging things like crazy too. Not quite ready to talk about the details but let’s just say I estimate it to be a 6 month project and we’re entering month #2…

I’m in my new planner! This makes me so excited I love Mondays, fresh starts, and I can already tell my planner is going to be a favorite. I am writing up lists, hopes, and trying to not get too overwhelmed by all that there is to do. We have been playing hooky a lot this summer and I can’t even be irritated by my lack of discipline because we’ve been having a total blast. In fact the girls enjoyed a week with their cousin as we toured college campuses and ate all the dessert.

No, really! Pictured above is Crown & Crumpet tea (in SF) – a fantastic place owned by a truly lovely lady and I was delighted we got to check it out.

Other highlights included Mr. Holmes Bakery (also SF) and California Donuts (Los Angeles) when we drove her back home. Such a wonderful time – and a great addition to a whirlwind summer break.

Those donuts… let’s just say we are still discussing them! Becca, Elizabeth, and I have been on track with our running!! We are doing a lot of running and drills to help Elizabeth prepare for the cross country team. Let’s just say she has a gift for this and Becca and I just struggle along trying not to swear as we turn beet red and hate every minute except stretching and cool down. We ARE getting better though, and as I reminded Becca it’s important we try our best and how vital fitness and self care is to our overall health. I also apologize for gifting her my anti-sweat cranky gene while Elizabeth has her dad’s “I love running and hard exercise!” genes…

There has also been some camping this summer – which is always great fun! Mostly we escape to places where it isn’t 100+ every day and for us that pretty much means the coast. The little breaks have been good and we have one more to go before summer is up. I strongly recommend Crescent City area – beautiful redwoods, lovely beaches, fun seafood spots, and a ton of great woodsy hiking.

Of course I’ve also been working. Right now working on some new collaborations as well as upping my tech game and overall workflow. In fact I have a new class at Big Picture Classes. It’s all about paste & gel and you can see it and try it free here.

So while hectic, summer is moving right along. The girls are working with me on a new venture as well (more on that another time) and I’m excited for all I see ahead…

For now I will continue to clear closets and clutter in my “spare time” (ha!) and take selfies when I find amazing things like She-Ra headbands. Obviously a must.

Heading into “back to school” and my favorite fall season I’m inspired to just keep aiming for a good balance of work, family, and fun and to keep encouraging myself to take leaps, try a little harder when I want to quit at something, and just do my best. I hope this post finds you heading into a great weekend – feel free to share what is going on in your neck of the woods!

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  1. Hi, May, good luck with all the goings on, sounds like you have lots of plans. I’m glad the girls are getting into running. We came across an offer from the Y, a free membership for a 7th grader, either entering on leaving 7th grade, and we did that for my daughter. She’s having fun, and moving around. we’re also getting ready to send my twin boys to the University of Pittsburgh in a couple weeks. It’s not too, too far away, but enough for me.

    Have a great fall season! Michelle t

  2. Hi She-may! Love the headband. We are still building the massive patio that will take forever. My husband commutes and we are doing it with my father’s help. Crafty-wise I have been slowly sorting supplies, creating a sell pile, or putting it into the craft club bins. A rug hooking idea has kept me busy crafting Star Trek themed coasters. Sending happy painting vibes your way 🙂

  3. Our son did Cross Country they went to State and won the Championship. Tell your daughter to run every day that she can. That is what our son did. Sometimes ten miles a day. He is in his thirties and still runs when he can.

  4. LOL, my husband and I were just discussing the carpet in our bedroom, 11 years old and looks it!

    This summer I have been helping my church choir director scrapbook her heritage album. She is an African American lady with photos of all of her extended family (both sides) dating back to 1890s. I am blown away with all the “new” stuff she brings me…and she can identify all of them! It is so rare for an African American family to have that wealth of photography…I don’t have photos of my family going back that far.

    I have learned more about WW1 and local history of the town I now live in than I ever dreamed of.

  5. Sounds like you’ve been busy working and decluttering and having fun, too. I’m very much in the mood to simplify and get rid of things we don’t use, everything from clothes to food to kitchen stuff to craft supplies. Since my work schedule doesn’t change in the summer, alas, I’m breaking it down into manageable chunks for the weekends. We don’t get out of school until the 3rd week of june, so we don’t start up again until after Labor Day.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with the decluttering – there seems to be a lot of that going on at the moment (including in my realm!)

  7. Born and raised in the Bronx, I still live here. I hope you enjoyed your trip to NYC. Next time, let me know, and we’ll do lunch. 🙂 Love the pics of your pooches and your girls too. Good luck with the re-organizing and house project.

  8. Here in Southeast PA our school will start at the end of August. We’re getting ready to head to New England for a short road trip. My whole house needs a decluttering, Luckily our church is having a flea market next month. All the best with your projects. I love the pics of your dogs and girls. My Elizabeth is 10 and I love hearing about all the fun things you and your girls do.

  9. YOu are such a fun family – I love that your girls have already been to some college campuses thanks to your niece! How fun for them! And that tea looks amazing – I’m a sucker for plates of food prettily stacked up! Sorry that ranger has had an ear infection – our dog has had one too – she has ears that flop down so apparently it’s pretty common! Good on you all for the running too! Wishing Miss E lots of luck for her cross country

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