Little die cut shapes: uses all around my creative life

When it comes to the ScanNCut (I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own), one of my favorite things is to make little “picks” for cupcakes, to put into plants I gift, on gifts, atop pens, and more. Today I want to share a quick post about how to best do this.

First of all – I have a ScanNCut playlist where I post ALL of my SNC tutorial videos. You can find them here.  I often suggest making extras and multiples of shapes – and one reason is there is always a project that can be made fabulous with the addition of a little paper!

I like wood sticks for mounting the shapes on – I’ve used toothpicks, straws, and bigger wooden dowels as well. Basically you’ll want:

  • An appropriately sized “stick”
  • Two of the exact same sized shape
  • A bit of adhesive including foam adhesive if dimension is needed in spots to keep the shape even

If you’re feeling fancy I have a few ideas for that as well:

  • Layer multiple shapes/sizes
  • Add glitter glue or gold leafing
  • Accent with pen work or stitching
  • Add a monogram or name for personalization

In the case of these two here (seen in some fun milkshakes last week on my blog) the ability to make the images I needed at the exact size I needed in mere minutes was exactly why I do so love this machine. In my mind a tool that is simple to operate (a must for me) as well as one that helps me turn my wild ideas into reality quickly is most definitely a must.

Heading into “back to school” season and August around here means I have my crafting in full gear- and I’m excited to bring you a “craft to school” week beginning next Monday. So be sure you’re staying tuned and checking it out!

In the meantime – see if you can’t find some little shapes to play with making ordinary or plain things around the house just a bit more fun and a lot more crafty…

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  1. I learned to cut out extra shapes from you, May. If I have a scrap of paper left, I cut out hearts or flowers or fish or some borders that I’ll be able to use in an upcoming project. I keep the shapes in a plastic bag and I pick through them when I need a little something for a card or layout. Thanks for the tips!

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