weekly round-up!

Camp Scrap rolls on – and many prizes are still open and ready for you to enter to win. So be sure to double check and keep up – a whole week of posts and prizes is still ahead.

So this week it’s all about the random: bestislove, hinemoayoung, jomiway, and Brenda Becknell – shoot me an email (Craftwithmay at gmail dot com) and let me know your mailing information and that you won some happy mail. Congrats!

LOADS of prizes to be announced next week – get those entries in. and good luck!

18 thoughts on “weekly round-up!”

  1. Congratulations to the winners! You will love your happy mail, so much fun stuff! Thanks May for Camp Scrap!

  2. Congratulations everyone!!
    Happy mail is such a happy sounding thing!!

  3. Congrats winners!! And thank you so much May, for all your fun tutorials and ideas!

  4. I am honestly always amazed at how much you you get done. You spend quality time with your girls and family, produce an enormous amount to work,-I don’t think I got that much accomplished even when I was younger.
    My biggest time hang up is a hang over from my childhood. No playing until all the house,yard work was done. Now I’m so tired by the time it is done, I really have no energy to create. going to have to work on changing my priorities.

  5. Congratulations winners! It’s fun seeing what you’ve won – please post pics.
    May thanks for hosting this!

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