Mixed Media: In the details

I’m a details girl. I teach classes about it, and my style as a crafter is entirely built around details. So today, I want to feature a whole bunch of detail assisting goodies from Tonic. I have known them forever as makers of great tools – but their Nuvo line digs deep into my beloved mixed media world and I was thrilled when they asked if they could send some goodies for me to play with (and some for you to win!!)

For me, details go into two areas on the bulk of my projects: the backgrounds and the finishing touches. Before I even began creating the focal point for this tag I had used 7 different things to make the background itself detailed and rich. Then once I was done I added all kinds of detail from glitter to clear glaze to fibers to add oomph to the project. Here is my YouTube video tutorial. 

Oh how I love this tag! It is so much wild fun and I think my favorite detail is the glitter filled heart at the top. Fabulous! Browns + aqua colors have always been a favorite of mine and I love how this version turned out. Why make a tag? You know when I filmed at scrapbook.com I was asked this and I have many reasons! First and foremost it’s just paper. It’s another place to test ideas. But it can become a tag for a gift, be put on a card, hung on a wall, or incorporated into a scrapbook as well as many other things. It’s just a fun no pressure place for me to play.

Challenge: Dig into some ‘details’ yourself today! 

Links to Scrapbook.com and supplies used: 
Tonic bronze mousse
Tonic Hexagon stencil
Tim Holtz crazy dog stamp
Tonic blender brush
Tonic Nuvo drops “Aquatic Mist” 
Tonic clear crystal glaze
Tonic adhesive
Art fibers
Assorted “bits and pieces”
Assorted distress ink colors
Black Archival ink
Distress Oxide ink in pistachio 

as I always disclose – affiliate links are used in this post. They cost you nothing extra, just help support this blog should you make a purchase using them. So thank you!

Yes I do so love a good detail – and this tag! Thank you to Tonic Studios for donating a selection of goodies (seen below) that one of you can win!

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite color. I will draw at random a winner and announce it on the end of Camp Scrap round-up post (around July 21st). Good luck! And happy crafting!

76 thoughts on “Mixed Media: In the details”

  1. Wow, what a cute tag! And that filled heart is so cool, I never would have thought you filled in a plain heart with the Nuvo drops. Very cool. My favorite color is blue.

  2. cute, cute, cute! Thx for the tutorial. you are enabling me to go shopping. My favorite color is teal!

  3. I’ve seen those dog stamps used so many ways and they always turn out SO CUTE! LOVE the fibers you used on the tag…they make it for me! My fave color is BLUE.

  4. Awesome tag! I love the pup and the colors you used! Fabulous embellishments too!
    Aqua is my favorite color!

  5. This is definitely a post I will refer back to frequently. Got to get one of those brushes-fantastic!

  6. Delicious! I love all the details, foreground and background, and the yarn bits are fabulous. I’ve Gotta remember to use that color combination, one of my very favorities.

  7. Your tag is amazing!!! I loved the video. Thank you for that. I hope to give this a try. I don’t not have all the supplies but do have the Tim Holtz crazy dog stamp and die set.

  8. I’m totally a details kinda girl, too! I try stuff out on tags all the time because it’s a small investment of time and supplies to learn a new technique or style. A favorite color?…probably blue right now. Check again tomorrow!

  9. Hi May. Love that stamp set. My favorite colors are teals, either blue or green types. Thanks for the chance to win. Michelle t

  10. Love the tag! My favorite color would probably be green – any shade- but I skdo love pink and purple ????

  11. I loved seeing your archival ink all over your block. I don’t feel so bad about the state of mine now 🙂 hmmm as for my favourite colour, I like different at different times, but TARDIS blue will always be my true favourite.

  12. I love the garnish of fibers, etc.

    My favorite color is a combo: blue & orange. Dramatic; cool & warm. I use them together whenever I can.

  13. I love the fibers and, well, everything about your tag! My favorite color is greenish blue – turquoise or aqua. Thank you for a chance to win those supplies!

  14. Such a cute tag – love how the glitter looks in the heart charm too! turquoisey blue greens have to be my favorite colors. thanks so much for the chance to win.


  16. Tags are definitely fun. I actually made a beach scene on a tag which reminds me of home in Florida while I’m on a contract assignment. Its hanging in my living room. I Love your tag and love that dog! My favorite color use to be purple but I have found I’ve been favoring different shades of blue and blue-greens!! Exciting giveaway!!

  17. I absolutely adore the Nuvo drops and recently saw the nuvo mousse being used on a project which I also want to try. My favourite colour is aqua.

  18. Mine is purple. I use it much in scrapping because I never seem to get it right with my photos, but lots of the cards I make are in this colour. Love the dog on this tag. Not sure it you realise but the video is posted twice. It is worth watching twice!

  19. My favourite colour is coral! I purchased some new to me tonic supplies at SENZ in New Zealand. I got some mousse, an enamel drop (bubblegum pink – so cute!) and a packet of blending brushes ( I haven’t used them yet). Thanks tonic for sending some goodies for one of us to play with.

  20. PURPLE is my all time favorite color I love the dog with his cool eyes.

  21. I agree–I can’t stop looking at this either. Your dog is too cute for words! right now I’m in a daffodil yellow phase.

  22. Wonderful tag! Nuvo has been on my list of things to try for a while now, their stuff looks like so much fun!

  23. Wow, I love everything about this tag!
    My favorite color changes lol. Right now it’s coral.

  24. I love love love this tag! 🙂 My favorite color is purple, my favorite color to scrap and create with is rose/red and browns. 🙂 I love all the details!

  25. Great advice about all the layers / textures, brilliant reminder to me to take my time & don’t rush it!
    Love it may ????????

  26. Love the foo foo at the top. I used to say my favorite color was black because of the slimming effect but my real favorite color is PURPLE, but I still wear a lot of black!

  27. Love this crazy dog.
    Your details are always fabulous.
    My fave color is still purple but I’m starting to adore teal.

  28. My favourite colour is the hottest hot pink you can get!
    Wish u had more free time to play and craft!

  29. Loved the ideas here and really want to give this a try. I love so many colours it’s hard to pick just one but lately I am really Into galaxy sky colours blues purples pinks greens so if picking just one I would say teal

  30. Cute tag, I would have put some of the clear on his nose, too. All the puppies I know have shiny noses. :0

  31. I remember when those fibers were all the rage in scrapbooking. I had more than I could ever use in a lifetime!! My friends and I did swaps so we could get different kinds. So much fun. Love your tag. I just tried to seal mine with a gel medium and it smeared my ink. I used distress ink rather than the stuff you were using the brush in your stencil. -_- I’m hoping it just needs to dry more.

  32. Love that tag. I so enjoy watching your videos. Always learn something. Caribbean ocean/blue lagoon/turquoise are my favorite colors — blue, blue and more blue. Thanks!

  33. I also love making tags to experiment with techniques and products. They can later be turned into a card, part of a gift bag, or just left as a tag. Love your sweet glittery heart and am really enjoying all the tips and hints. My favorite color is deep red!

  34. My favorite color right now is teal and turquoise! I try to sneak it in on most of my projects, but never thought to combine it with brown, like you did. Love your wild tag!!

  35. Such a cute tag. I love the details. The Nuvo products look fun to play with. Thanks for a chance to win.

  36. Love the details.

    My fav color is red. Having said that, lol, I tend to use blues, purples, greens, then pinks for details.

    I have a friend that loves yellow. Not a fav color. I’ve been working with it and shocked my self into liking it.

    I would like to try different details. Have to get some gel medium and try that, too.

  37. So cool and so fun! I loved seeing how to use the embellishment mousse – I’ve never seen it used. Now I “need” some and also a brush!!
    My favourite colour is blue

  38. Your details are amazing! I love the Nuvo products, although I only own two – one blue, one purple = my favourite colours!

  39. My favorite color is PINK, obsesses with it ! I love your tag, I have used that dog and his buddies on many cards, tags, and scrapbooking pages, I just love that stamp set. I just signed up for your new mixed media class over at Scrapbooking.com looking forward to it. I have not tried the nuvo drops so this would be a fun package to win. Thanks May.

  40. Very cute tag. I love the nuvo products I have tried so far. My favorite color is blue.

  41. such a cute tag, favorite color is any shade of GREEN. I love the nuvo drops, i just got my first package of them, have had so much fun with them, just six colors but enough to play with. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I loved watching this video. So many good ideas. Makeds me want to get crafty.

  43. Purple is my favorite color, but I’m also partial to turquoise, mint, and pink. All the cool colors. I don’t own any Nuvo drops yet, but they look delectable. 🙂

  44. My favorite color is green but I absolutely love how you did the top of this card. I would have never thought to do this and I love it.

  45. Love the tag! Will have to dig into my stash and see how I might try to duplicate the ideas.

  46. What a fun tag! Up until now I was thinking I didn’t need any glitter drops – but that glitter-filled heart has completely changed my mind, LOL. Hopefully they come in chartreuse, my favourite colour.

  47. I really like turquoise or teal a lot lately. I just ordered the cat stamps and dies, I’m sure they will be loads of fun to play with.

  48. I love the dog stamp, that is adorable. Looking through all of the comments it’s amazing how many people like green and blue. My favourite is also green too.

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