Inspired by… YOU!

Who to feature today? YOU. I can’t tell you how much you inspire me. Yes, YOU! A few ways I am inspired include:

  • tips you share via comments
  • your own stories of success (or failures!) in crafting
  • your questions or things you’d like to see more of often inspire me to create

Heck, in the last two weeks what I’ve become really clear on is you’d love to see more scrapbooking – which delights me since for quite a while it was “less scrapbooking”!

So thank you for being such a wonderful community of creatives. I invite you if you’ve not already to join the Craft With May Facebook group – such lovely folks posting creations there – you’ve GOT to check it out!

Shout out to members who shared some creative accounts of theirs with us on the group. On Instagram check out CreateWithRebecca,  on FB Besties Craft Bar sharing up their adventures, Rhea shares her creations and so does Kymberley. Some lovelies also keep creative blogs too like Laura, Andrea, Rhonda, Gina, Jeni, Judi, and Rachel.

Such a wide variety of creative styles and project types – you know I love that! I’m really loving watching folks be inspired by one another, share encouragement, and simply SHARE the creative experience. It really inspires me to continue with these special kind of events, and makes me glad to have started up that group. I am a huge fan of creative diversity and enjoy all types of projects and styles and creative outlets from gardening to cooking to (of course) paper crafting. Seeing people express creative passion is inspiring no matter the form.

So once again – thank you! However you share whether words or creations, encouragement or ideas – it is always appreciated and you inspire me today and every day!!

27 thoughts on “Inspired by… YOU!”

  1. This is my first CampScrap and I can say I have been truly loving the extra boost in creativity, looking at things a different way, taking part and being a part of this awesome community. Thanks May for events like this !!!

  2. I am enjoying your Camp Scrap! Thanks for the links to check out… many of those blogs are new to me!

  3. I love that you started the Craft With May FB group. I had not been an active member in a group like that until Camp Scrap started, and I think it’s great to see others post their work and share their inspiration. I rarely posted my craft projects on social media before, but now I really enjoy doing so, the members in the Craft With May group are so nice! And now I really want to go update my poor neglected blog, ha!

  4. Thanks for sharing May, lovely to kknow that you too are inspired by others.
    Also great to know that scrapbooking is still alive & well!
    I don’t scrap a lot but i don’t think there is quite anything like the pleasure from seeing a completed page!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog! I love camp scrap every year and look forward to it all year!!!

  6. I am loving the FB group. I love seeing all the inspiration posted there. Thanks May for doing Camp scrap and for creating the crafty group.

  7. I want to thank you. I look forward to each day’s new post. You’ve rekindled my interest in crafting.

  8. I would like to thank you also, May, for all the inspiration YOU provide! I love the FB group, even though I haven’t posted anything there–yet. You are such a positive force in the creative universe. I want to be more like you when I grow up! 🙂 Thanks also for providing the link to my blog–so exciting! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  9. The absolute best part of the art/craft/papercrafting community is the sharing and support. I love how encouraging and inspirational the members of your group are! it definately reflects YOU and your inspiration and encouragement! WOOT!

  10. I like seeing everyone’s comments and thoughts and the inspiration that comes from this camp of ours!

  11. I am all for more scrapbooking. I don’t need a lot of cards and have no place to put lots of canvases and home decor pieces. I can always find room for more scrapbook albums.

  12. Love the inspiration and variety of projects in Camp Scrap, but scrapbooking is my favorite. 🙂

  13. Okay, I promise I’ll take my camera and show you how you’ve inspired me.

    I will say I’m not afraid of trying new things because like you say , We have options!”

  14. Love that you gave us a place to share, and loving Camp Scrap and all the new ideas. LOvely way to spend these hot afternoons is browsing the Facebook page to see how everyone is putting their own spin on the lessons.

  15. I’m always looking for new ideas and that is why I love your classes so much May. It’s neat to see all the projects that other people are working on.

  16. It’s no surprise that you’ve attracted such a talented and creative group here providing all kinds of inspiration!

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