Traveler’s Notebook: A blank world of possibility

You may have heard the term “Traveler’s Notebook” or journal and wondered what it’s all about. About eighteen months ago I did a post (here) about my delight of the rise of these little notebooks and their fancy covers. Today I want to explore a beautiful one from Prima Marketing and explain not only several of the possibilities, but how I intend to use this particular one.

note: affiliate links are used in this post. Thank you in advance for your support of Camp Scrap and my blog!

What the heck is it? Small notebooks that can be bound (usually with elastic) in a traditionally leather cover designed to be very portable hence the name. The notebooks come in several sizes meant to coordinate with different sized covers. The one I use and show in this post is “standard” size which is about 4 1/4 x 8 1/4. 

What do you do with it? The short answer is… it’s a blank notebook. Write in it! The longer list includes:

  • Use as a general planner
  • Make to-do lists
  • prepare for a large event
  • plan a vacation
  • art journal
  • creative project notebook/planner
  • plot out the holidays so this year you’re ahead (ha!)
  • write thoughts, feelings, ideas
  • sketch concepts
  • brainstorm dog names
  • write out recipes

The list can go on, well, forever!

Ok, but again… why do I want one of these? They’re portable. Changable. Small. Totally customizable. I walk through this particular lovely book and explain some more thoughts in my YouTube video.

I am using this particular Traveler’s notebook as my July planner since changing planner brands for my crafty business = whoops July has no planner. So far I am liking the idea. Though long term I don’t think this could replace my traditional planner I’ve always enjoyed notebooks for plotting projects and writing ideas so I like the thought of adding some to-do lists and sketching more.

In fact (if you watched the video!) you saw  a peek at one upcoming event that will be a live event, blog event, and inspire a spin-off online class. So much fun! There is one thing you really won’t see me do which is to put a ton of time into one of these notebooks making it a finished work of art vs working journal. My reason? That doesn’t bring me joy. That simple.

There are so many ideas and approaches – there is NOT a wrong way.

I really love that the covers have come so far and are now so beautiful but also functional too. Prima really brings their A game with their line of planners and accessories – this one is available at shops like (link). They have a lot of other really beautiful colors too like champagne and the sparkly “lady like“.

I will be sure to report back how this worked for me relying on a notebook all month vs more traditional planner. I’m forever enjoying experiments like that! Would you like to take one of these on an adventure, or just tote it around to baseball games and appointments while you wait as family chauffer? Perhaps try a new style for art journaling? Prima Marketing has generously sent me one to share with one of you! For your chance to win this beauty, simply leave a comment on this post by July 15th.

The thing that I love most about a notebook is that it helps me take my ideas and dreams from concept to reality. Helps me work through the chaos that is so often my mind and organize my thoughts. Good luck to all who enter this giveaway – and thank you again to Prima for the generous prize!

72 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook: A blank world of possibility”

  1. Travelers notebooks are the best! They are so convenient to just toss in your purse or to just grab when you are running out the door to go to the park or doctors if you do not want to grab your whole purse but want to have just something, you can use the front flap to put your credit card and license and a few dollars in it and run out the door. I love to have one or two on the table or next to me on the sofa to jot things down in and use for everything. This one here is a beauty. I love Prima products and would love a chance to win this. Thanks again for all the great goodies you are giving as chances to win.

  2. I love them. I’m doing a year long documentation project in a handmade one, and it’s my very favorite thing, that handmade journal. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

  3. I just got a Prima tn with a zipper in stardard size, which is huge for me. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. It is a gorgeous carmel color with black pockets. It is bonded leather, but feels like real leather. I have already set it up as my Camp Reset journal for July. Loving this month so far!

  4. I’ve looked at these little notebooks several times & have been tempted to get one & “try it out” yet haven’t actually gotten one…. I wonder

  5. I’m so glad more companies are making Travelers notebooks and inserts, like Prima. Their new Travelers notebooks are so lovely! I like to use one insert per subject (home improvement projects, scrapbook projects, health & exercise). That is how they work best for me. Awesome blog post, thanks May!

  6. I’ve always wanted try one of these just haven’t purchased one yet. Would be onederful to win one to try out. Thank you and to the company too for letting you give one away. Your both so generous.

  7. I’ve been using a personal size travelers notebook as an addition to my regular planner pages. I like it so much I’m considering switching to those instead of ring bound pages.

  8. I am so inspired by your video, May! I hadn’t considered many of those ways to use these notebooks!

  9. This is a gorgeous notebook! I have got to start committing more to my planners. I want to use them and then I kind of get lost and stop:(

  10. I use my TN for travel scrapbooking on the go! Would love to win this pretty cover, I’ve got the original leather Midori.

  11. These are so versatile. As I was watching I kept thinking about making it into a wallet and I could even use the bands for a notebook and cash envelopes!

    Im glad you’re thinking of an online version of class.

  12. i, too, love traveler’s notebooks! ONly problem is once I get one filled, I don’t want to remove the inserts and replace them with new ones, so I keep buying more notebooks. Would love to have Prima. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them.


  14. I don’t travel much anymore but I like this idea for other taking notes for other purposes, maybe just a daily journal of things to remember to scrapbook.

  15. I think I would truly use some kind of small journal. Sketchbooks are nice, but even small ones can be too heavy and chunky to carry around in a purse or tote. So often an idea comes to mind and by the time you get pen and paper together the thought is gone, fleeting …or at least this is the case for me.

  16. I have been using travelers notebooks for a few years now too. They are great for mini books.
    I have not seen any though as pretty as this one.

  17. I use mine as a planner, since all of the other options are just too big for me to carry around. I have a bad back, and I need to travel light. Love the dangling charm. I’ll have to add one to mine. Thanks for the ideas.

  18. I love this notebook idea! I am probably not organized enough for a planner… but this looks do-able! Pretty notebook and embellishments to decorate it!

  19. I love traveler’s notebooks to use as mini scrapbooks as well as my daily planner. sometimes I use paints or papers on my pages to dress them up but other times, I just keep it simple depending on my mood. thanks so much for the chance to win this gorgeous one from Prima!

  20. So pretty. I made something similar for a family vacation a year ago. I used it to document where we went, funny things that were said and for memorabilia I collected.

  21. Very pretty traveler’s notebook. I have never used one. Looks like a fun thing to try. Thanks for a chance!!!

  22. This idea of getting ourselves organized is definitely one of those things I do struggle with and one that I am definitely working on! Thanks for this post and all the wonderful things we are doing in camp scrap this year! Loving it as always!!!!

  23. Oh, that’s beautiful. I don’t use a planner but I’m always buying notebooks for one purpose or another. What a prize! Thank you!

  24. Oh my! i’ve been drooling over this TN. I became hooked in 2015 when I documented our cycling trip; I just brought different pens and washi tape (for little bits of emphemera collected & business cards) and have not looked back. One of my projects for the holidays is to make a gift mini “album” with one and this Prima TN would fit the bill with the beautiful graphics and color. thank you!

  25. I’ve been using traveler’s notebooks for a couple of years now! this one from Prima is a beauty and I’d love to own it!!

  26. Traveler’s Notebooks have really piqued my interest. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and I love how there are so many different ways to use them. I have a planner that I work in but it is getting huge and not very portable. Thanks for the chance to win, I love, love, love Prima!

  27. Thanks for all the ideas. I have quite a few little notebooks. Time to dig them out and put them to use.

  28. I don’t travel so I haven’t bought one as I never thought I’d have a use for a travellers notebook but now after reading your blog post I realise you can use it for almost anything. thanks for the chance to win….

  29. my friend has made these. i really need to get me a long reach stapler. they are pretty cute and easy to make.

  30. Great ideas flooding from your video today. I had to literally LOL when you said that you were making a note to yourself “what stamps have I not used?”. UM….that would fill up an entire traveller’s notebook for me. LOL

  31. I have never had or used a traveler’s notebook, but they are so beautiful I may have to purchase one!

  32. I’ve bought a couple covers already, and I’m still percolating ideas of how to use them. Hoping to give scrapbooking in one a try sometime this summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Love this cover and all your ideas. I am currently using a notebook as an art journal and loving it as the size is not too overwhelming! Looking forward to seeing how you go using it for the month of July.

  34. I have heard of traveler’s notebooks–just recently–but never knew what they were all about. I don’t know if I’d use one personally (though I’d love to try one, just to see how it might work out for me), just because I do so much digitally/on the computer. But maybe I’ll give one a go. If it didn’t work for me, my mom would probably love it! She is a writer, and just retired from 39 years of teaching school, so she might want something for to-do lists to help her concentrate on her writing. Thanks for the tips & insights, May, and for the great giveaway! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  35. I don’t have a planner but this is much more my style, plus I love the cover.

  36. I’ve never used a planner, but really like the idea of combining a calendar with art journaling.

  37. Gorgeous travelers notebook! I love to make lists and jot down thoughts…I could put this to good use! Thanks for the chance to win one. 🙂

  38. Nice TN, I dont use one but I keep looking at them thinking I will. Thanks for sharing with us!

  39. I’m just getting into traveler’s notebooks. This one is gorgeous. I enjoy making list and making small layouts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Ive just discovered travelers notebooks and I’m hooked! I recently scrapped photos from a week away in one. I like this simpler, smaller way to get memories on paper. The new Prima TNs are on my Wishlist.

  41. These Traveler notebooks seem like the perfect type for me. I make lists for everything, always jotting down things I want to remember. I have bits of paper everywhere. These little notebooks would keep all my thoughts in one place.
    This could really work! Thank you for the chance to win.

  42. I have bought a couple travellers notebook in the past year and have yet to use one. Maybe because of a lack of ideas for usage but also being afraid to not make it beautiful (I am way too perfectionist). Thank you for all the ideas May. Goal this month: use a travellers notebook for something !!!

  43. I’ve been toying with the idea of a traveler’s notebook for a long time … these ones from Prima may just push me over the edge!!
    Looking forward to finding out more about your Holiday event!!!

  44. I love love love this @primamarketing TN – in fact I’ve been searching for one! I use tn’s for project planning and lists!

  45. I’ve seen so many beautiful Traveler’s Notebooks in the past year or so, and they are so tempting! I made my own travel journal for a special anniversary trip I took with my husband, and it was so fun. I’d love to try doing some more everyday-type documenting in a TN. Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

  46. You have the best ideas! I have a planner but don’t really use it, I’m sure “blank” & “changeable” would work much better for me

  47. I’ve looked at them with longing, but then tried to be practical. Maybe it is practical and this one is so pretty…it would be a could travel journal to keep notes and ephemera when on vacation.

  48. This is something I have yet to try….I love how portable they are, but truthfully I often just look at them and don’t dive in!

  49. Beautiful journal! I’m still refining my use of this oh-so-versatile product, finding it most useful so far as a project planner.

  50. I have really not indulged in the travel notebook experience. I did one at a scrapbooking retreat. Not sure what to do with it now? Im not a mini book maker either. Just not sure it fits my style of memorykeeping. If you use it for planning, do you eventually toss it? Not sure I could do that to something so pretty.

  51. I’m currently using the standard size daisy dori’s from Cocoa Daisy in a plain black cover I picked up at Michael’s last summer on clearance. I’ve been very tempted to pick up something prettier (especially for spring/summer) but have resisted so far. I’m glad to see a company like Prima joining in on this because they always make such pretty things.

  52. i’ve loved Prima products for over a decade. Quality, innovative & beautiful!

  53. I’VE BEEN ADMiring TN’s from “afar” for awhile now, but haven’t tried one myself. We are in the process of buying our first home and I think a TN would be a wonderful way to record ideas, plans, etc.

  54. I love the idea of using the travel notebook as a wallet and a notebook in one. That would work perfect in my purse and take up less over all the space. I have tried using a Smash book but it’s too big and also tried making one with rings but it was just too bulky and hard to turn the pages. I am leading towards this one so I looked at the SSS site and they were sold out!
    Would love a chance to win it !

  55. Thanks for this blog post and video! I have heard of these notebooks but never understood what they were and now I do! Of course now I need one! HAHA!

  56. I love the idea of using notebooks for everything, especially lists. I have always bought notebooks when i saw a cute one, but then I can’t bring myself to actually use it. But these travelers notebooks are much smaller and would be much easier to carry. I would love to win this notebook.

  57. This is such a gorgeous TRAVELLERS NOTEBOOK, SO MANY POSSIBILITES TO FILL IT WITH 🙂 They are lovely to take on vacation too, would love to be the proud owner of this beauty! Thanks Prima and May for the chance to win one x

  58. That’s a great idea, multiple planners, then one folder to stick them all in. Will check it out. I’ll get a set if I don’t win one, lol.

  59. Really cute. I think I need to try this format. I tried to find locally but didn’t have any luck. Thanks for a link to one of my favorite stores as I didnt know they carried them.

  60. So pretty. I have not done a whole lot with traveler’s notebooks, will have to dig mine out of my stash and see what I might do with it.

  61. I’ve never used a travel notebook like this before. I enjoyed the video talking about all the ways you can use these.

  62. I love blank notebooks, just Love the possibilities of what I might do with them! But I’ve got to be careful not to “save it” for the perfect thing and I’m often inclined to keep them as a work of art. I would love to have one that is easy to carry, I’d use it a lot more that way. I might need to check out a travellers notebook as a very portable alternative to just normal ring bound notepads

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