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It’s so easy to forget: we can do things more than one way! Today I’m working with Pink Ink stamps (and wow they’ve got a lovely give-away!) and I am sharing several ways you can use the same stamp. I’m linking up to Ellen for supplies today – and affiliate links are used. Thank you in advance should you use the link as they support this blog and cost you nothing extra.

I’m featuring the Pink Ink stamp “Pretty Petals” – it’s a new favorite for sure!

Way #1 is the obvious: stamp it onto paper and color as seen here.

Way #2 (also shown above) is an often forgotten favorite: stamp with versamark or watermark ink on watercolor paper. Then watercolor – or in my case splash on some distress ink – and see what happens. Versamark usually ends up darkening the color(s) of watercolor but note this technique isn’t super reliable and results vary depending on the paper used too. So use it as a “messy” background works best.

Way #3: stamp with dye ink, then coat in clear embossing powder and seal. Why do this? It seals in the color. So for example with distress ink it means that flower I stamped stays sharp no matter what else I do. Which brings me to…

#4: Stamp with distress ink + water, mist, or otherwise some kind of “sloppy” type of image. It makes a watered out faded image and can accent projects beautifully.

Four ways on two cards – and these ideas could all work on other projects as well. Here is my video run through (it’s short!) on YouTube.

The stamp I featured is “pretty petals” by Pink Ink– I just love the size and the awesome details on this stamp.

supplies featured include: 

Pretty Petals stamp 
Do what you love stamp
Distress Ink (all the oranges from persimmon to honey, as well as mowed lawn (Green)
Watermark ink and clear embossing powder
black archival ink
assorted 28 Lilac Lane embellishments
Tim Holtz phrase stickers
watercolor paper and cardstock

When it comes to stamping I love that it can be as simple as black ink on paper to layered techniques that take a lot of time – and I love that you can get countless looks from just one stamp. This was a really fun challenge to myself – and I added in the challenge of using a color (orange) I don’t usually reach for.

Give away time!

Pink Ink has generously donated and wrapped up a set of stamps for one of you!

To win these beautiful stamps (I’ll have a video with that house stamp coming soon!) just leave a comment on this post by July 15th. The winner will be drawn on July 16th (randomly) and posted to the Camp Scrap winner roundup post. Good luck – and happy stamping!

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  1. May I am inspired to make cards now. All your posts with your beautiful cards has kicked me back into card making mode. My drawer of cards I made back in my big card making days is just about empty. I am going to try some of your techniques today. These are beautiful!!

  2. Great post. These ideas can really help you stretch out the usefulness of your stamps. I also have a few colors that I reach for less. Mine are purple and orange. I try to force myself out of that habit.

  3. Lovely Stamps! 🙂 I am re-loving my stamps. If that is a word? LOL Sometimes it is not whether or not you love or use a tool? It is whether or not it is easy to get to and use! I had made it so difficult to get to all the items I needed to stamp that I pretty much just stopped. I’m Reorganizing my space so that it flows and now it makes it so much easier to be creative!

    Thank you May for the kick in the pants with Camp Scrap to have fun again and enjoy the process!

  4. Love the versatility of this stamp! And thanks for sharing all the fun ways to use it.

  5. I love the faded image background with the Versamark and water color technique. I will definitely be trying that one. Thank you for the stamping lesson today! I don’t stamp much but I really do want to try that background.

  6. Lot’s of fun techniques to try. I may have to get out my stamps today.

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  10. Hi May, your cards are beautiful. You used one of my favorite colors. Thank you.

  11. I needed this reminder of other ways to use stamps. Simple techniques but oh, so beautiful. Both of those cards are lovely! Orange is one of my happy colors when I create. 🙂

  12. Love these stamps And love your techniques just as much. I think I’m drooling. blush

  13. Gorgeous backgrounds! May, love the color orange. Another chance to win. Wow.

  14. Beautiful cards! Love the dreamy effect. The house stamp just has my name on it!

  15. Stunning colour choices May, it’s given me some serious inspiration for my scrapbooking pages too. Thanks for your talent and ideas.

  16. very fun- We have a storm moving in- maybe this would be a great thing to play around with as that moves thru…..

  17. Beautiful stamp, and I love the colors in the cards. Very pretty! Thank you! Michelle t

  18. Love all the different ways you used that cute flower! Great reminder to have fun and that there’s always more than one way to craft

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  27. Just what I need – inspiration to use all the stamps I have in different ways!

  28. Such pretty, fun backgrounds and stamps. Reminds me to get out those inks and embossing powder and give it a try. Thanks for the video too.

  29. These cards are beautiful! I love my stamps because they are so versatile, change the technique and it looks different. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. The cards are lovely and the giveaway stamps are great! All the giveaways have been great, Very nice of all the camp Scrap sponsors!

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  35. Orange isn’t a color that I often use either, but you did a beautiful job with these projects!! My biggest problem with colors that I don’t usually reach for is coordinating other colors with it. The green really adds the perfect touch to your shades of orange..and makes for a fresh, pretty look

  36. thanks for the reminder and inspiration. Love the soft background technique.

  37. I just love those gorgeous colors! The sequins add a touch of bling and the stamps look like a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaways and inspiration May!

  38. You are so inspirational with all of your great ideas on how to use stamps and the different ways to use them. I really love the pretty colors you used on this, not one of my more favorite colors, but it came out so pretty here, thanks for sharing this idea.

  39. it’s always great to get techniques for getting more out of what you already own, especially with a chance to win. I must make time to make soon. Thanks May.

  40. Wow! So many great ideas in this posts! On my way to finish up my current camp project so that I can try this!

  41. I haven’t tried those different ways of stamping, but I want to, so it was nice to see the options. I love the house stamp and would love to win it!

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