Camp Scrap week 1: weekly winners & roundup post

What a week! The kids have been gone at Girl Scout camp, the heat has been record high… and it was week 1 of Camp Scrap! This post will be short – I’ve just got a few bonus/surprise winners to announce! OH yes, and FYI the Trader Joe’s campfire Smore’s Bar is everything you want it to be. It improved my creative output by at least 1% too.

Thank you to Karla for blogging about Camp Scrap, and to Gina as well in her ‘tipsy Tuesday’ post! Thanks ladies! I’d also like to thank EVERYONE who added projects and tagged or used #campscrap2017 on Instagram as well as all those who have been sharing in the FB group. and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who commented. I’ve been reading and loving every comment, every project, every detail. I may craft here by myself most of the time but I love being connected to you, the wonderful craft community!

Just look at all the AWESOME projects folks are posting over on Facebook – LOVING each and every one!! As a reminder, info including how to enter/win bonus prizes or join in my FB group is here.  Also? Every Camp Scrap post has at least one random prize – even if not advertised – here on my blog. If you see your name or username below please email craftwithmay @ gmail . com with your mailing address AND what prize you won before 7/31/2017 to claim your prize. Note that all winners are drawn via random draw . I don’t “pick” winners or anything. Congrats to…

Sandra Kukla  – for pinning a project from Camp Scrap

Charcats7 – for using #campscrap2017 on instagram

Jeanette Biddle McGee – thanks for leaving love on someone else’s project on facebook!

Heidi Lilley – Wednesday’s “inspired by” post winner

Londa – being first on (freaky) Friday’s post

Tessa Oxford – thanks for liking Craft With May on Facebook!

Everyone listed here – you’ve got surprise prizes coming to you! I have goodies packaged up (some big, some small, all fun!) and I will reach in the box, grab one for you, and mail it off! Such fun – and I hope you enjoy. There are tons of ways to get involved and win prizes here at Camp Scrap – and of course just being a part of this lovely community in my mind is a prize in and of itself.

This is just week #1 – and I’ve got sooo many (dozens?!) more prizes and winners coming so keep playing along, sharing, and being a part. Camp Scrap is fun thanks to each of you!

21 thoughts on “Camp Scrap week 1: weekly winners & roundup post”

  1. So nice of you to give away so many goodies! I’m really enjoying Camp Scrap. I start my morning off with it every day.

  2. Congrats to the winners!!!! Its been so much fun already 🙂 I was even inspired to finish two non scrapbooking projects that were nearly done. Thanks May!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners and thank you to May for making Camp Scrap so fun!

  4. Darn! We were at TJ’s yesterday. I would have picked up the s’more bar to try, but we were a mission no browsing. I also think I would use the packaging as a photo frame for a camp photo. We have plenty from Girl Scout camp!

  5. That “busy” planner cracks me up. I finally gave in and started using washi tape in mine to keep track of multi-day commitments. It makes it easier to see that I already have something planned, and I get to use washi tape (which I somehow have an abundance of). I really am trying to use stuff instead of just admiring it, and I thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Oh fun! I’m a lucky winner, woohoo! Thank you May for making Camp Scrap lots of fun. Its the perfect inspiration I needed to try some new things. Thank you!

  7. So glad to share Camp Scrap! And I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and read through all your posts this week! Thanks for all your awesome work 🙂

  8. Congrats to all the winners! The planner made me laugh…I’m very busy, too! ????

  9. Hi May,
    thanks so much for drawing my name for a prize!!
    I work nights here in Australia, thats probably how I came to be first post, but also how I came to make a typo with my name lol
    It’s Linda not Londa :))
    Best of luck to everyone else !!
    Linda from Australia

  10. I am going to RUN not walk to Trader Joes!! And thanks for your inspiration, May!!

  11. Thank you from Texas for a ton of inspiration this hot June. Nothing like staying indoors and getting my craft on.

  12. Congrats to the winners and I may actually have to go to Trader Joe’s. That smores bar looks outrageous!!!! Ok, here is to a scrappy weekend!

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