Treat Yo Self: DIY pottery fun

I’ve talked about it before – but oh boy do I love when an assignment from Brother launches an idea. In this case? I’m pretty sure it’s launching a whole series of fun. The possibilities have only just opened up and I can’t wait to try again. What am I talking about? Well as I always disclose I work with Brother specifically the ScanNCut (though all ideas & opinions are my own) and sometimes they ask me for a specific project or technique for their website or use at trade shows, HSN, etc.

Well they wanted to see… could I do something with a stencil and pottery? Oh now that’s a fun thought. I don’t know, can I?

The short answer is “oh yeah”

The longer answer is yes, but there are some things you’re going to want to know:

  • This works best on a flat surface
  • you’ll want to bring plenty of extra shapes/stencil pieces just in case
  • Think about the finished color, and work backwards. Whatever color you put down first will be seen the least.

I filmed the whole process at the pottery studio as well as here at home prepping the stencils here is my YouTube video.

There are so many options – and one thing I want to work out is how to better work on curved surfaces. I’m thinking the answer is my massive shapes were just too much and small shapes would work better.

Above you can see my littleĀ station – I just sat at the window snapping photos, filming, and creating away! The tips I was given by the lovely lady who runs this studio were:

  • white base first if you’re going to have any white show first
  • if you have some boo-boos the paint scrapes off really easy. Don’t worry!
  • Keep in mind unless you go really thick, under colors may bleed/show through somewhat

Ultimately I had a blast with this project – and I love how it turned out. I did learn I need to be more patient about waiting for layers to dry (it’s so hard!) but I love that I can get funky looks and I can’t stop thinking about the designs, phrases, and options. Scrappy could have a custom dog bowl. I could have a “mad hatter” inspired tea pot. I could create Christmas plates and platters with favorite movie quotes or song lyrics. The list goes on as long as my imagination!

This particular piece is a wedding gift, someone who loves this saying and will really appreciate that it’s handmade as well as having a quote/saying from a beloved TV show. If you have experience painting pottery pieces, or stenciling with them in this way I’d love to know your tips or best advice! This was just so much fun I really can’t wait to try another round.

3 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self: DIY pottery fun”

  1. I love this idea! I always want to go to the paint-your-pottery store, but I can’t figure out what I’d do there. Using shapes from the Scan n Cut could be the answer.

  2. Love the idea of stenciling and then having it fired! I actually stenciled and stamped (2) terra cotta pots before and then sprayed them with a sealer. I too primed the pots with a couple coats of white acrylic paint. Mine has lasted 2 years so far with no problems and I made my best friend one for her birthday! Hers is actually my favorite!!! Really had a fun time with it!!

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