Around here: June 1, 2017

Bandit is entering his 12th month living with us – and how far he’s come socially! He’d barely approach us when he first came to live here and now I can not even brush my hair without turning around to find him at or on my foot. Love our whole dog pack – and all is well. When not hanging with them, a lot of my time is of course crafting.

Lawn Fawn’s Merman remains my favorite ink nameĀ – I’m a Zoolander fan forever! I have been using it more in my summer crafting.

Speaking of summer – I’m loving these finds from Target! I love scallops, and they’re showing up all over. “Aloha” is also showing up a lot (love that!) and I even found one of my favorite planning tools on my last trip – a “clipfolio”.

What is a clipfolio? Clipboard + notebook inside + pocket inside. The perfect go anywhere (orthodontist to camping!) way for me to make plans, plot ideas, and journal thoughts of all kinds. Love that – and I needed a new one.

This shirt is 100% Rebecca – it had to happen. She’s a fan of DisneyBounding (dressing up like Disney characters in regular clothes) – and of Marie. So this is everything!

Now I’m heading back into the crazy zone of school year-end madness…

In which I’m making a desk wherever I go. Although sometimes my actual desk is equally full!

I hope to have some new posts about travel + memory keeping coming soon, but I’m really digging into some of the how and why I do some things the way I do with regards to documenting. I’m really having a fun time blurring lines of crafty “types” and coming up with something in the middle perfect for me and my style. Like I said – more soon!

For now I’ll look at this dessert plate from my birthday a few weeks ago (sigh) and wish I was on a “eat all the fun stuff” diet and not a “say no to the carbs and fun” healthy challenge. It’s been great training with the girls for Cross Country this fall… but the discipline of avoiding sweets and bread most of the time is not. I know long term we’ll be glad though – and this year is all about building up, new habits, and healthy ways so I’ll keep those treats to a once in a rare while.

I hope the summer ahead is looking good for you – any fun plans? Crafty events? Do tell!

3 thoughts on “Around here: June 1, 2017”

  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Bandit joined the pack! Glad to hear he’s fitting in just fine. Looks like the Flaum clan has plenty to keep it busy.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your “around here” posts. Did you ever do a blog post about how your little zippered craft pouch was set up or used? I was thinking you did and started looking in the archives but no luck. Just wondering as I to read how others set up crafting on the go kits.

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