Make a plan Monday: what’s working and what isn’t

I have yet to find one way/style/guru of productivity and planning that suits me, and I’ve decided that is totally OK. We each function and have slightly different needs, so looking at, testing, and picking bits and pieces that work well for us is a fine way to go about it. I also know that this is a constantly changing process – we all have to keep evolving and ‘leveling up’. Happiness and productivity takes work – but it’s worth it!  Today I want to share a few things that work well for me.

Once a week looking ahead 3-5 weeks, and marking any upcoming things I can take care of in advance easily/along with things needing to be done right now. For example if I’m in need of gifts for a birthday, baby, or other occasion and am already heading to Target to stock the pantry and get more toothpaste and shampoo – I can go ahead and grab those items and save a trip. Or if I’m making a card I will make an extra with birthday or thank you on it if I’m running low. Nothing crazy – just taking care of things in batches and saving a bit of time. And if I see something I can do ASAP to save chaos later – all the better.

Tidy up every day. I am a fan of the concept “put it away as you go” because it really does save time. I can’t do that 100% of the time but I’ve made a daily effort. From the studio to the kitchen – I’ve gotten in the habit of making sure before I can shower/get in pajamas/be done for the day… there aren’t any messes. Leaving the studio tidy (if not totally clean) each day helps me start the next day better. The studio is a new habit for me – and I tell you it’s really helped.

Pick up the scrapbook, put down the phone. I don’t do a lot with social media as it is (a habit that helps in and of itself!), but the last few weeks if I pick up to check something email to Instagram I instead set it down and work on a pocket page card or start a scrapbook page. I’m not completing anything or setting a goal here – I’m just taking 5-10minutes and working on my memory keeping vs killing time on my phone.

These are just three things that stand out to me as being helpful in my overall mood and productivity. The #1 thing I’m now working on is how to switch gears during the day. For example if I have a chunk of errands to do but also want to film a video but also want to clear my email, etc… if I have to switch focuses a lot in a day I tend to really drop in productivity. Now ideally I’d be able to have “errand day”, “film videos day” and so forth… but real life doesn’t work that way! So going into June that will be my focus. Any tips?

What are you doing well with or what are you working on? I’d love to hear!

2 thoughts on “Make a plan Monday: what’s working and what isn’t”

  1. Well done, May! A daily tidy keeps you from having a huge mess to clean up later.

    “Chunking” activities will make a big difference in productivity. Scheduling a chunk of time for videos, answering email, planning, research, and other tasks helps to keep you from shifting focus so often.

  2. I need to be better at cleaning my craft area as I go. One thing I do is have a “daily job”, for just 15 minutes every day – for all those ongoing tasks. For example, Monday I sort photos, Tuesday enter receipts into a budget, etc. None of these jobs will ever be “done” but just doing a little bit each week means that I say on top of things.

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