Birthday cake topper with ScanNCut

Miss Elizabeth is turning 12, and she wanted just a small simple chocolate cake. No party, no fuss. The party planning, decorating, DIY side of me just couldn’t let that go down so uneventfully! So I came up with an idea: use supplies here at home to create a cake topper for that cake. But it needed to be something just right for her, and I recalled the pencil case I decorated last year. (Here’s a link)

Inspired to use the same clip art design, I pulled out my ScanNCut and got to work. Here’s a link to my video tutorial.

I only needed 5 things for this project: popsicle sticks, white cardstock, red paint, black paint, and old paint. The dragon I brushed with black paint then paper toweled it off. Because my gold paint was applied in a textured way, it was that easy! I just love the results.

So what does the birthday girl think? She was BLOWN AWAY! She loves that it was the colors (gold red and black) as well as theme that was perfectly her and unlike anything she’d ever seen. Mom win! I need to remember that I can do so much with just a few supplies. And really customize things and save money too. My ScanNCut as you know has become a game changer in my crafting, and this is no exception! I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing this bit of craftiness with me this week, and that you have a great weekend!

The usual disclaimer – I do work with Brother as a paid consultant, but all ideas and opinions are my own. This is a machine I love and use very often, and I’m happy to share ideas with you here!

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH, You are growing up so fast, next year you will be a teenager, WOW. I Hope you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and enjoy that yummy cake your mom made it sure looks good.

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