I scream for… water color!

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I am all for trying the new. Often, testing a technique or idea will lead to something unexpected or take you down a new idea road that has wonderful possibilities. I also love being able to learn in a fearless way. What do I mean by that? I mean being able to create without worry of messing up or ruining anything. Today, I want to share with you a quick peek at an experiment gone right.

This little ice cream cone may seem super basic, unimpressive even. But you see, I don’t use watercolor to draw! Not outside a basic shape like a heart or a circle that is. Here is a video on YouTube if you’d like to watch me do this creative experiment. So what inspired it? Scrapbook.com has a variety of online classes (free!) and last weekend I sat down and watched the one on watercolor basics. This lesson intrigued and inspired me the most so I decided to give it a shot, and for a first time I don’t think it is too shabby!

I used Daniel Smith watercolors (here’s a link) – I have a few of those colors as well as a few of several other companies. I like variety in my stash. And I look forward to branching into playing with more colors, as well as other new ideas. Ready to be inspired? Here’s a direct link to the class – like I said you can sign up free!

2 thoughts on “I scream for… water color!”

  1. I just watched the video and left a comment on U-tube but wanted to come back to your blog to see links for the class. I love the ice cream cone and the freeness of your water colors. I think we are all scared and at times I wish I was as free minded as a child instead of being scared to freely paint. I love what you did and look forward to seeing your other paintings. (I want to do journal painting but I limit my self because of insecurities.. I think after seeing your video I will try it again)

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