ScanNCut: colorful possibilities

Heading into the new year, I want to push my creative limits more. Try new ideas and if my recent posts on ‘getting started’ with projects have shown you anything about me it should be that I am one to really start small. Test ideas in theory. See where things lead. Sometimes these techniques and smaller bits add up to BIG ideas, after all!

Today I’m sharing a test from my ScanNCut machine (disclaimer as always that I am a paid consultant, however all ideas and opinions are always and forever my own!) I wanted to play a bit with watercolor, stencils, and well just see where my ideas took me. So I first began by making a stencil and then decided to play with the universal pen holder tool.

I found a lot of really great things out, and I love that from one (built-in on some models) design I could achieve a lot of different looks and that there were a lot of different ways to get the look as well. I also realized that if I left the backing on a foam adhesive strip it turned my too-skinny watercolor pencil into the perfect fit for the pen holder AND it came off with no fuss too. Though, I found pencil to be a less than desirable choice for more detailed drawings since the tip wears down quickly and I had to stop and adjust the pencil several times to compensate vs a pen which will remain fluid throughout.

I also discovered that I like watercolor pen + pencil together! This is something that I haven’t played with in so very long, and I was thrilled to do so. To see a video of my tests, here is a link to my YouTube video.

The wonderful thing about making time for experiments and tests like this is that you can learn and store the knowledge for future use. So when you are working on a project and think to yourself that you’d like to do something with a specific look you’ve got the skills! The universal pen tool for the ScanNCut is one of the most under used tools I’ve got, and I really want to explore using it more this year for sure.

Have a wonderful (crafty) weekend!

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  1. My poor Scan N Cut is seriously underutilized. I love seeing all the ways you make use of yours, May.

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