Art Supplies to-go tote with ScanNCut

As you know if you regularly read my blog, I do work with Brother as a paid consultant. (but all ideas + opinions are my own as always!). Well things have been so busy there is a MAJOR new development with the ScanNCut: A free type converter tool! Basic run-down is this: use any font you’ve got and in an instant have a ScanNCut ready to rock file. Now I knew about this and thought it was cool, but I hadn’t really done much with it. Little did I realize how FAST it is, and now I’m using it on scrapbook pages and just running wild with it!

Have a ScanNCut and looking for this? Log into Canvas and a direct link to the Brother Solutions Center and this application is at the bottom of the screen. It’ll walk you right through it!

So for my first project I decided to take some iron-on glitter material (love it!) and add it to a tote bag I’d begun decorating and hadn’t yet finished. You see this  had a LARGE and very unattractive logo on it. It was a freebie bag from years ago. I added a rectangle of fabric to cover it (and used basic stitches to attach), as well as a heart (cut from ScanNCut) stitched with zig-zag and straight stitches. I had gotten that far when I forgot all about this particular project. (whoops!)

Anyhow when I uncovered this partially done project in the studio cleaning last week I knew I wanted to test run this on it. Results: Totally LOVE IT! Those letters are simply ironed on, and the buttons and things glued with fabric adhesive. The girls and I are ready to fill this tote up and take it on the road.

Here is a link to my YouTube Tutorial if you’d like to check out the how-to use the new text converter application. I can’t believe how easy it was – and how much I am going to use it in future for my scrapbooking.

And here is my finished tote bag. This makes me happy for so many reasons! That  realized I was underutilizing a wonderful tool, I finished a project I’d been meaning to get around to, and I have a bag for our adventures all pretty and ready for the road! This was such fun to make – and I always love simple projects not to mention how wonderful this glitter iron-on material is. A personal favorite!

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  1. That is so cute May – the font looks like Harry Potter – and you can’t beat that in glitter!!

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