ScanNCut vs the sketchy stamp

With the studio pulled all apart I’m not feeling like much of a crafty super hero – but that’s not going to stop me! You see with a new sketchy stamp set, a black waterproof pen, and my ScanNCut I can still have plenty of fun!

note that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas & opinions here are my own. ScanNCut is a machine I adore and love sharing ideas with you here as well as on the Brother site!

Above you see my final colored stamp. Can you tell where my pen work was vs stamp? Is it obvious? hopefully not to you – I have to really stare close and think about it because when doing a zero outline it doesn’t tend to show up as different for me.

Here is a link to my YouTube video¬†showing the process of how to do this to your ‘sketchy’ stamps.

It works best on images with some kind of definable outline of course, but I encourage you to go ahead and play! If not with cutting out stamps, then with coloring and mixing color mediums. My one tip if you’re going to try this technique of altering your stamp: use a pen that is compatible with whatever color mediums you’re going to use. if watercolor pens like mine, then you’ll want a permanent waterproof ink. If using alcohol markers you’ll need something different. Know those mediums!

Now I’m off to try and embrace my wonder woman side and get my studio put back together!

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  1. Love how it turned out! No, your pen lines are not visible. Will we be seeing more of that stamp?

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