5 tips for a group photo

I am no professional photographer – and I don’t claim to be. But I do love a good picture. Today I want to share my top 5 tips for getting a good group photo. Kids, dogs, cranky adults – whomever!


  1. Set up your spot and take some test photos BEFORE you call people in or gather the hounds. This is vital because once everyone is in? You’ve got a minute or two before revolts begin to happen. Take your time working out lighting, opening more windows, adjusting for shadows, etc. before you get your lovely models called in.
  2. Be quick. Snap a lot of photos while cheerily reminding folks where to look. Just nonstop keep snapping away to increase your odds. Do NOT snap a photo. Look and see how it turned out. Snap a photo… Nope!! Go for bulk!
  3. Keep the setting simple. In my case I just went for the chair that is in front of a pretty blank wall. Bushes, trees, Christmas tree… pick a setting that lets your subjects shine.
  4. Have some food to shake/wiggle/crinkle. Meat is what I usually use for the dogs as they can smell it. But a bag of candy and promise of treats/cookies works just as well – and bonus the kids know what it means too.
  5. Embrace reality. Maybe one kid just always has an angry face or grandma looks like she is sucking on a lemon. So? Let it be. Don’t expect perfection from your crew, just go for capturing a great moment at that time. It’s ok if parts are a bit off in color or blurry.

Above all, don’t expect yourself to suddenly become a master family photographer without training. These 5 rules of mine plus remembering to watch where the lighting is best is just about all I do. Know what? I find a photo from every such session with friends, dogs, kids, and family that I like. Because it’s all about capturing the moment for me, and having a photo I can cherish down the road.

Do you have tips or suggestions to share? Ideas for creative backdrops? Feel free to share with us!

5 thoughts on “5 tips for a group photo”

  1. Lovely photo – your dogs are so well behaved (and photogenic too)! And your girls have the most beautiful smiles!

  2. following your own tips got you some great shots on your trip. You are good at this! thanks for all the tips! (i need all the help i can get!) lol hugs, treen

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