DIY glass ornament wreath


Years ago I found a wreath at the store that I wanted to buy covered in ornaments. Upon closer inspection I discovered not only did this store want $75 for it, but it wasn’t all that great! Heck… I could do something myself! So began a tradition of creating a new wreath every year or two. A few weeks ago in the craft store I got really inspired by all the rose + gold and decided since my last one was retired it was time to start fresh.


Here is a link to my YouTube tutorial showing how I created this wreath. It really is simple! I do think it is easier with a pressed foam/Styrofoam style wreath but the garland fits better with this type of wire form wreath.


With this bit of holiday décor up on the wall things are eclectic (color wise) and easy this year. I have a few other holiday ideas still to share with you.

2 thoughts on “DIY glass ornament wreath”

  1. That is so Beautiful May, I love it. Thanks for the video. I think I could try that out. I love the colors, they happen to work perfect with my décor.

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