My favorites: October 2016

Every time I check the news these days I cringe! So much hate, so much ugliness, and so depressing! Now I know life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – believe me I know. But you know what? There are awesome things happening and creative people doing wonderful things too! World changing? Maybe not, but I thought I would share my “loving on” list in this moment.


Neat & Tangled made a cowbell stamp (referencing an old SNL skit that I loved)- and I had to have it! You can find it on their website or at retailers carrying their products now if you need one too. I can’t wait for a nice sunny day when I can sit down and make something with mine! (Yes, I’ll film a video to share).

November 25 brings us “year in the life” of Gilmore Girls. All new. It gives me all the giddy feels – thank you Netflix! (here’s the trailer on YouTube) The original show is one that I frequently enjoy while crafting so the chance for new? and with the whole cast? A reason to look forward to November!

Netflix also recently delighted me with “Haters Back Off” an 8-episode series that I hope we will get picked up again. Kind of a Napoleon Dynamite sort of funny – I’m always on the hunt for funny!


Next week I get to go to Orange County (with Miss E traveling as my assistant!) and teach my only classes of the year at Stamp Fever. After so many struggles with my wrist this year I am thrilled to spend some crafty time at a new to me shop and I can’t wait to meet the ladies there – and you can join in the fun if you’re local. Info is here. We are bagging up buttons and sequins and preparing kits this week.


Edna Mode – one of my favorite characters (Disney Incredibles) stars on this, my ultimate top. Now that the temps are cooling off I can finally start wearing it! I got it from the shop Disney parks app (a VERY DANGEROUS APP! LOL) – and it makes me smile every time.


WeRMemoryKeepers came out with typewriters and I never could find the pink one at my Michael’s (they were an exclusive)… ah but now they are hitting ALL store shelves in new colors like the mint you see here. Even better than pink in my mind, and I’ve ordered one from my local scrapbook shop and it should be here soon!

This is my list for right now this week – what is delighting you? See any good crafty videos or read any great books lately? Let me know! I’m all for sharing the fun and happy stuff…

6 thoughts on “My favorites: October 2016”

  1. Hi, May. I’m so happy for you that your wrist is healing. I love the idea of the typewriter and had been looking every so often at a local antique shop but no luck. It’s a little pricey for me, so I’ll probably just stick with my alpha stamps, but I definitely love that mint color. And I saw they come with different color ribbons too. I’m loving the couple 28 Lilac Lane kits I picked up around my birthday, and looking forward to the new sets, love that forest green type color. I’m still loving making watercolor backgrounds for layouts. I discovered a new to me mystery series by Laurie King featuring Sherlock Holmes and a much younger wife taking place, circa 1920. They are fun, I like mysteries. I’m also watching my 17 year old twin boys navigate their senior year of high school, a couple of college classes through an early entry program, and jobs. Time goes by so fast. Just enjoying them, and my younger daughter. Have a great trip and class. Michelle t

  2. Hope you have a great time at Stamp Fever! I cannot *wait* for the new Gilmore Girls movies/episodes. So excited. I just read the newest Jojo Moyes book Paris for one and loved the long title story the best. It’s a super busy school year for us so far and I feel like I haven’t had time to craft lately, but I’ve got the day off work on Halloween and hope to play the whole time my daughter is at school.

  3. I love those typewriters, I have had my eye on it for awhile, but I would take pink to match my scrap room. One thing you could share that I saw is your dog bone wreath you made for your friend Sandy, I saw that and it was so cute, I don’t remember you sharing that with us on your blog, or did I miss that? I really enjoyed that and I think everyone else would also.

  4. Thank you for this positive post and inspiration to look for the happy. love your style, may! Enjoy your teaching adventure.

  5. Netflix is bringing The Gilmore Girls just in time for my birthday weekend in November and I couldn’t be happier. As for the typewriter I have my Mom’s old one that she bought when she graduated high school in 1960. My now nine year old daughter loves typing on it. I had to find ribbons for it on Ebay. Happy Crafting!!! Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving…happy everything!!!

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