Candy Corn Frame featuring new 28 Lilac Lane mix


Today I am really excited to share with you guys that I’ve added 6 NEW bottles of embellishment mixes to the 28 Lilac Lane line! This is Candy Corn – and while perfect for the season I also think that it is great for any time of year from bright summer fun to just because citrus colors are your faves. To introduce this bottle mix, I’ve decorated a frame and created a YouTube video you can check out.

I just LOVE this frame – and I might have a hard time giving it away because it came out so cute and I love how it looks with the sentiments in the middle!


Here is the full frame – these projects are so fun and of course you know that you can put something similar together with any number of embellishments!


Speaking of fun and embellishments – I will be visiting Stamp Fever in Orange, CA for three BRAND NEW classes November 4-5. I am so very excited about this event – if you’re local please join me! You can find info here and call the store to sign up.

I will be sharing videos featuring each of the new embellishment mixes. For now, here’s a peek at all six!


Which is your favorite? I’m sure loving them all for different reasons – so stay tuned! These are now shipping to stores so be sure to ask your favorite retailer to order them up – there’s a lot of happy crafting to be done with these beauties.

6 thoughts on “Candy Corn Frame featuring new 28 Lilac Lane mix”

  1. The red and green mix is probably my favorite because I tend to use those colors a lot at the holidays. I also really like the one with the peaches and teals — very usable colors. But it’s also hard to find nice whites . . . plus now I want to make a candy corn frame, too. ha, ha

  2. The whites, the teals, the Christmas colors, but the forest green, top left, first one, is really catching my eye. So, so pretty. Love them!!! Michelle t

  3. Candy Corn is my favorite because Halloween is my favorite holiday. I hope has it in stock, I am heading over there right now to check. Thanks May.

  4. Hi May,
    I love the candy corn! Just beautiful blend of colours & love the frame you created!
    I had my birthday yesterday and the cake that was crafted for me matched perfectly!
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Those are so pretty! I’m loving the white mix the best but it really is very hard to choose!

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