Choose Joy: coloring video


Hey guys! A quick video post here today showcasing a stamp from Tammy Tutterow + various ways of coloring it. I used fall colors and my Pumpkin Spice embellishment bottle as well (affiliate links below).


When I have a new stamp, I really like to test it out. What can it do? What do various color mediums do when used on it? What way do I like it best? No pressure, just coloring. Here is a link to my YouTube video.


Coloring multiple inks onto a background or coloring in once stamped, colored or white background… these are just a few options.


My Pumpkin spice embellishment jar and this Tammy Tutterow stamp are available in stores now including

7 thoughts on “Choose Joy: coloring video”

  1. VERY lovely. May I ask how you got the outline around the other one you showed in the video. The putlinw with the squally lines.

  2. Beautiful stamp, looks like fun to color. The card turned out so well! I like the shorter videos and I can re-watch when I need to figure out a technique.

  3. Great stamp and great colouring . I love how you just play when you get a new stamp! and I love how you share your play with us!! This video is the perfect length for me!

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