Big ScanNCut news: Now in Michaels Craft Stores!

If you’reĀ  a regular reader here, then you know I’m a paid consultant for Brother and I love the work I do with them testing out ScanNCut features and updates, as well as creating projects for them. When I got an email asking if I’d go check out the new ScanNCut display at Michaels, how could I resist?


My local shop did not have it, however the Emeryville, CA shop is one of the locations that is carrying not only the ScanNCut, but also many accessories! The girls and I were so excited to see this end cap full of fun ScanNCut goodies.


Here is a link to the Brother website where you can search locally for your own location.


The above ad features my projects – love seeing work I do for Brother used like this! Speaking of, you can find a lot of my projects as well as other talented designers on the ScanNcut website – including free tutorials and videos.


Back to the shop, here you can see my helpers posing with all the lovely items – I’m *SO* excited about this and I was so glad we could go and see the display ourselves.


What else could be exciting? Well there’s a great software update (available now), some new accessories coming this fall, and I have loads of new projects on the way too! It’s so great working with this wonderful company, and I love seeing how more and more people are using this machine and enjoying it the way I do! If you have any questions, or requests for videos be sure to let me know!

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