Use those buttons: Succulent planter décor

One of the things I’ve been doing a lot lately, is looking for where I can put little touches of creativity into my everyday life. Ways to craft a prettier life in small ways.


Last week, I planted a few little succulents in some containers that have long been unused. Thinking about how the soil does not (should not!) be too moist, and that dirt wasn’t the most attractive, I thought why not add some beads & buttons?!

DSC_6114 copy

So I took a sewing tin I’ve had forever and made it a treasure! So much fun adding details and the best part? Everything will be reusable. Nothing is ruined, nothing will be used up. It’s all totally able to be removed/changed/used elsewhere! I think the key is low water plants. I wouldn’t do this with my fern that has to be kept moist all the time.

DSC_6112 copy

I also got out some jewelry charms so play with – love having happy sayings here.

DSC_6115 copy

Here is a shot of my studio window – and all the lovely plants + embellishments!

DSC_6263 copy

Out of space (haha!) I began thinking about other possibilities. One in particular? Gifts! So I got a pretty red flowering succulent and got a new container ready for Elizabeth’s room!

j copy

She loves all the red treasures – and I love this new idea on using (even if temporarily) my stash of embellishments in this way! I think buttons & beads are best – if using metals I made sure they wouldn’t rust/be in places that get wet.

What do you do to craft and create a lovely life?

5 thoughts on “Use those buttons: Succulent planter décor”

  1. I love this! This us awesome. So great. Other then memory keeping, and occasionally drawing or painting in my art journal, I do like flowers in vases, and change them every few months. I have to use fake flowers, the kinds in the craft stores, but I take care of them that they don’t get dusty or old looking, they’re several years old now, but I really like them, and I like doing it too. But I really love this idea, this would be an awesome craft project for me. Michelle t

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