Changeable photo décor with ScanNCut


So the other day I found a wonderful house shaped photo holder. What I love about this is I can change it out, add ephemera – anything! I could also hot glue some embellishments on and really deck it out!

disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and projects are my own.


This project ended up taking a LOT longer than I assumed – but it was so fun! What I also like is that if I want at some point I could remove the décor pieces and re-do. One reason I LOVE hotglue for a project like this – easy to remove in time and with a little pick!


Here is my video tutorial at YouTube so you can watch the full process. I love bringing you along with me for the creative journey.


Now photographing this? That was a challenge! Had to take it outside and wow do I like it! I think it is going to be fun to tuck ephemera like tickets and things along with photos in this. I do so love easy makeover projects like this – even better when they might be a little time intensive – but not difficult.


I hope you have enjoyed this project and video tutorial – I can hardly believe we’re heading into July! Where is this summer going?

2 thoughts on “Changeable photo décor with ScanNCut”

  1. Really awesome. Love this idea, and I really enjoy your videos, too. Thanks. Michelle t

  2. Another awesome project! Thanks May! just wondering, which craft store had this great house photo holder?

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