Countdown to summer: basket for teacher thank-you gift

Last year, I did a video (see YouTube here) about making a card and thanking teachers using my ScanNCut. Today, I’m going to bust out that beloved apple once again and decorate a basket!


This project would be great for a number of things – so if you’re looking for a fun giftable stay tuned! Oh yes, and before we go any further my usual disclosure that I am a paid consultant for Brother, my ScanNCut machine was provided to me, but all ideas and opinions here on my blog are my own.


The first thing to do is get out the ScanNCut, load the apple design pieces, and weld them together. Need more detail? see my video linked above where I go into detail.


Then cut out of as many materials as you’d like! I ended up mounting some book paper onto cardstock then inking it up to get a really nice apple.


Then I got out my basket, tied a bunch of ribbons on it as I waited for my hot glue to warm up.


Hmmm… some buttons? Why yes let’s do that!


This project was really fun because I challenged myself to use whatever I had on hand, and I really love that I could create a similar project with a number of shapes in my ScanNCut machine. From flowers to Christmas trees- this could so easily be a seasonal gift!

DSC_5157 copy

Here’s the finished basket – don’t you love it?! I almost don’t want to give it away. Of course we’ve had tremendous luck with fantastic teachers this year so giving it away won’t be all that hard.


As you can see I just hot glued buttons in here and there, and now that it is done I will let the girls fill it with treats! Both girls had the same teacher for both Kindergarten and then that teacher moved grades and both girls had her as a teacher for 3rd grade so something extra special is due and I think this is just the thing.


As I count down to summer break I’ve got several more projects, and more ways that my ScanNCut is helping me out as I’m still not holding scissors – but that’s not stopping me from crafting up a lovely summer!

3 thoughts on “Countdown to summer: basket for teacher thank-you gift”

  1. Really cute! What a great gift, you’re so creative. I’m glad you Brother machine is helping you craft, that’s so great. Wishing you well. Michelle t

  2. So cute! I love the way you used the book paper. That Scan n Cut definitely gets a workout.

  3. That is just adorable! I bet the teachers will absolutely love it … and your girls will love giving it too!

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