28 Lilac Lane: a few links for my new line


28 Lilac Lane is shipping – aka any store that would like to carry it can order and get it on the road to them now! Loving seeing photos (above from local shop It’s All About the Scrapbook in Dixon, CA)  – so feel free to send ’em my way! I’m also loving seeing you play with the line – so be sure to tag me on instagram or email me a link should you blog or post about it! You could find yourself featured here on one of my 28 Lilac Lane open house posts.

Katrine (link to instagram) and  shared on instagram already – loving what I see!


Today I’m excited to share a few project links-

Ashli Oliver has a great art journal post (here) and another on a mixed media scrapbook page.

Audrey Pettit has an awesome post here on her blog featuring fabric creations.

These two ladies are part of a group of creative that have a number of 28 Lilac Lane products ready to create, share, and inspire! No formal team here – just some ladies that always inspire me and that are known for sharing beautiful projects and posts all the time. And that want to share some 28 Lilac Lane fun as well!  Watch their blogs, along with Emma Williams, Chari Moss, and Nina-Marie Trapani for more inspiration. These ladies are also on instagram (Nina-Marie just posted this sneak!) as well as other social media channels if you want to check out more.

28ll tropical

Of course if YOU create something with 28 Lilac Lane, spot it in your local shop or get some for yourself – do share! I’m wanting to share link-ups and give shout-outs to the whole creative community in these monthly (or so) posts. I’m so grateful for the outpouring of love and the strong response to my line so far – can’t wait to see what YOU MAKE!! So please, do share.

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  1. Happy for you, May. So happy to see your line and all this great inspiration. Michelle t

  2. I love your line. I already have a bunch of sets and a couple of jars of buttons. They look so pretty on my shelves I just about don’t want to use them!

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