28 lilac lane monogram


On Lilac Lane, a bottle matched up to my beloved Lilacs here that I have, has to be my favorite. Finding lovely shades of purple that aren’t too dark or blue is so tricky! So I’m thrilled that my new line is in stores (hooray!) and shipping now. Can’t find it? Ask! Or, stay tuned here as I’ll be letting you know as I discover stores that carry it. This particular bottle you can get now at any store – I know Ellen Hutson (affiliate link) has it in stock!

DSC_4355 copy

I used rose gold acrylic paint from prima to pair with this – and I LOVE the results! I used a thin enough coating to really keep the woodgran showing but still have that beautiful golden glow. Here is my YouTube video showing the process.

Cant’ wait to get this up in the studio…

5 thoughts on “28 lilac lane monogram”

  1. Cute project! Really like this idea. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Michelle t

  2. I was at the scrap store in Dixon on Saturday and bought almost every one of your embellishment boxes. Going back next month for the rest of them. 🙂 So cute! Thank you!

  3. May, I watched the video yesterday. Loved how quick and beautiful it is. I was never a button girl until I started watching you.

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