Always take the scenic route canvas

Exciting news!! 28 Lilac Lane has been spotted (the ENTIRE line!) online at Ellen Hutson! If you’d like to see the full line (affiliate links used) click here.


We were in a shop that sells jewelry, little purses, and they also had some pre-printed canvases! When I found this one just a week before CHA I knew it would be perfect for a sample project! I used the Autumn Afternoon and Paws & Pets kits as well as the Toasted Graham bottle and a few winter blues buttons.

Oh yes, the kits & bottles in the 28 Lilac Lane line definitely play nicely together!


I just love how the beads look and how this came together! The feather charm from the autumn kit looks so good here – it’s a favorite for sure. I’m so excited that my line is officially online and showing up in shops! If you spot it, be sure to let me know!

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  1. I hope your line gets the wide distribution it deserves — *everyone* seriously needs these embellishments. Pinning a whole bunch of things for the next time I have crafty funds to spend. 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to finally see your product hit stores. Can’t wait to purchase some of these lovelies. Can you (when you have time) do a brief description or video on the difference between the $5 dollar bottle and the $10 dollar kit? It’s hard to see what comes in the bottle.

    Thanks May

  3. I am so happy for you! I am enjoying your classes SO much….just haven’t had time to photograph them and publish.
    I have a question to ask…..I have metastatic breast cancer and get injections every month. I am coming up to my 4 year anniversary and would like to reach out to other card makers to ask if they would make uplifting cards that I can take to the clinic? I have been making cards anonymously for months and I give them to the nurse manager. She has her nurses give one to a patient with metastatic breast cancer. My goal is just to make them smile…..going through treatments is difficult. It also helps me because it gives me purpose. However, as all of you know, it is time consuming to make a card. I thought if I could reach out to the community if card makers, perhaps they would make a couple of cards and I would be able to give out many more cards! Metastatic cancer cannot be cured….but it would make me feel good for my anniversary if I could make many women happy for just a short time. I know you have many following you and perhaps they would be kind enough to help me fulfill my dream. Thank you, May! xoxo

  4. Super cool canvas May. Those buttons and beads are perfect … off to Ellen hutson I go!

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