CHA 2016: Dyan and Dina for Ranger

Both ladies have fantastic new products coming from Ranger – inks to mica sprays to stamps. Can’t wait!



You coloring book enthusiasts will love Dyan’s coloring book pages – they’re loose so you could insert into an art journal or give them away or anything else you like. And? They’re only one sided so no worries about things leaking. Also rocking things with new paints and more was Dina!

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This photo of her demo table is my favorite – and look! She’s got mini birds now. Her birds are my fave – so I am excited for these.


5 thoughts on “CHA 2016: Dyan and Dina for Ranger”

  1. Have so enjoyed your peeks at CHA! Love those scribbly birds and looking forward to seeing Dyan’s coloring pages.

  2. I love the mica sprays from each designer – what a fun idea! And dina’s mini scribbly birds are adorable!

  3. I wish there was a “like” button for blog posts because I often don’t have anything to say, but do want to go on record as liking or appreciating the post. Thanks for posting all the CHA photos and since I am a big ranger fan and user I especially like those posts. I also usually like the same scrapbook papers you do. Maybe that’s why I enjoy your classes, etc. — they are easily translatable to my own uses and style! Anyway, I also have never been attracted to “cute” stamps, except for these scribbly birds! They can be used in so many different ways, so both sizes officially go on my wish list as of today.

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