Adventures of Ranger & Scrappy: Christmas portraits


As long as they were around, the carpet freshly vacuumed, and the camera in my hand… photo shoot time! Dogs or kids – if you’ve got the lighting and the camera in hand? GO FOR IT! Ranger and Scrappy were highly compensated (cookies) for their patience. My note? Snap as fast as you can and about 30 more times than you think you need. Out of 80 photos (taken in about 4 minutes!) 6 had everything in focus, nothing wonky, no eyes half closed or ears funky or other stuff that takes photos from “Oh yes!” to “eh, ok I guess”

Would you guys like a peek at 28 Lilac Lane, my new embellishment line? (announcement here) Ranger and Scrappy told me I should share…


What you see here will all be found (and then some!) in the “paws” box inspired by my favorite pawed friends. Pearls to beads, sequins to felt hearts – this is definitely a favorite. You’ll get to see even more peeks of my new line next week! I just couldn’t help but share this before then though…

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

4 thoughts on “Adventures of Ranger & Scrappy: Christmas portraits”

  1. Great photos. Love how Scrappy’s head is slightly turned up. Just so, so cute, both of them. Love, too, seeing the sneak peeks of Lilac Lane. Love the paw print heart charms. Adorable. Michelle t

  2. Great puppy pictures! I agree — when the stars align, grab the camera! My daughter dressed up for her music concert in the same dress she will likely wear for Christmas, so I grabbed pictures when we got home in front of the tree. Now I don’t need to worry if I don’t get any on Christmas Eve (which I likely won’t because church is late that night!) I’m loving the sneak peek of your embellishment line! Lovely detailed buttons, flat backed pearls, well-coordinated tones — awesome!

  3. Those dogs are too stinkin’ cute! So thankful for digital cameras – you just shoot until you’re tired and pick the best one.

    Very excited to see the new line of embellishments. Great way to end the year, May!

  4. Great portraits May! Your dogs are so good to sit there for you! I don’t think I could get mine to do that!

    Love, love, love the sneak peek of your line!!! Can’t wait for more!

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