Making Christmas Cards, and Hazel & Ruby prize announced

Hey everyone hope you had a great weekend. Two things:

1. The Hazel & Ruby winner is: Sabrina Radican

2. Let’s talk for a moment about the holidays and what I call “homemade expectations”

DSC_0289 copy

Through my natural course of creating I made about sixteen Christmas (4 1/4 x 5 1/2″) cards this year. These will be mailed out, and those family members who get a photo of the kids (as well as anyone above/beyond that # that I happen to have of homemade) will have a store-bought card.

There is no shame in my game.

I do not tell myself I ‘MUST’ crank out 50 cards or whatever. I don’t tell myself I *have* to make all the cookies from scratch or make sure to learn to knit or only make my own decorations vs buy… no way. I don’t even worry about who gets what – I make a list start at the top and it is what it is. This is a season for great joy, magic, and fun – if you let it be.

No pressure. No letting anyone but me decide what works and doesn’t work for me. It’s a busy time of year and I know it can be oh so easy to slip into the madness of expectations and what things “should” look like. So one of my big decisions long ago was that sometimes things would be homemade… and sometimes they would not.

And that, as they say, is ok.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week will be loaded with projects here on my blog- simple to some seriously cool mixed media fun. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Making Christmas Cards, and Hazel & Ruby prize announced”

  1. Looking forward to your projects! Love your stuff. You’re absolutely right, about letting go, especially at this time of year. After what happened to me, on top of dealing with poor health to begin with, I’ve had to let go of a lot of things. Mostly control. I did things around my house a certain way, the school clothes immediately in the wash, the plates immediately wiped off before putting in the sink, etc. But I’ve had to stop, and lean in to how and what the others do things. Especially my husband. Anyway, hope you’re healing well, and wishing you a joyful, magical holiday season. Michelle t

  2. That’s a good attitude to cultivate, for sure. This season can be wonderful, but also easily overwhelming. Even with the best of intentions, you can get caught up in the madness. We’re doing primarily photo cards this year, since we had a fun photo from Disney to use, but I’ll be making some for my daughter’s teachers. I made sure to check with her to see what she wanted to do so I could plan. She’s in sixth grade and moves every period to a new classroom, so it’s a little different than in past years. She wants to give a card to each teacher and maybe we’ll make some cookies and just give a few to each (pondering how to package . . .)

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