11-12-13: Happy Birthday to my site!

craftwithmay500pxOn this day, two years ago, I opened www.craftwithmay.com – it took almost a year to get the site open, and it’s been a steep learning curve for sure. I love new challenges, learning, and growing and this site has definitely been all of those things.

I also love connecting with fellow crafters, and this site has given me the opportunity to present both free and paid classes, and interact with so many of you lovely creative people out there and I’m grateful for every email, chat, and discussion. Today as a special birthday celebration (and yes, I picked the date 11-12-13 because while it was ready to rock on the 3rd of November I wanted something I could remember!) I have a discount code for you, as well as a peek at four of my all-time favorite projects shared in classes:

First up, a favorite from the  very popular Supplies On Hand class!

The brad collection hasn’t been going down. At all! This project was super satisfying because I used op lots of things and made something that I truly treasure.
I never did give this box away- fell in love with it!

Another favorite, also from Supplies on Hand:

The best design (and most under-used design here in my studio!) for using up lots of small things is definitely to create a grid. I love how many random Project Life cards, as well as other little items I got to utilize on this layout.
The format allows me to remain organized, helps me add more detail and journaling, and was tremendously fun to make.

Another favorite, this one from the 2014 Winter Retreat is this card:

I don’t think I can stress how much fun this project was. When I began, I had no idea where I was going except that I was going to do something that had a circle element.

I love the mixed media feel of this piece, and though I went wild at times, I feel like the end result really came together.

Finally, here’s a student favorite from the May’s Guide to Vacation Scrapbooking class:

  • Use a mix of colors and sizes
  • Don’t get weird trapped spaces! Better to overlap than have odd gaps
  • Center those photos! The 4 1/2″ square and 4×6″ photos I used are in the middle, and everything else is grounded by coming out from them/being attached.
  • Get the paper bits down, then add dimensional accents
  • Spray/mist or a small scale stamp repeated can help tie everything together

To be honest, I love ALL the projects from all the classes, and I hope to bring you even more inspiration both paid and free in 2016! To say thanks, I’ve got a special birthday discount code to give! Use THIS LINK and 25% will be taken off the class of your choice at check-out. No code needed, you just need to use THIS LINK for the discount to come off automatically, and you’ll see the adjusted price when you go to check out. This is good on new purchases only, and the offer is only good though 11/13/2015.

4 thoughts on “11-12-13: Happy Birthday to my site!”

  1. Happy anniversary! Site birthday! However we should say it. I’ve loved and enjoyed every single class I’ve taken and know that I’ll continue to love your classes and be inspired. I’m in the hospital now, sorta laid up for a while, but it’s an awesome code, and you, my dear, rock. Michelle t

  2. Happy blogiversary, May! These projects are great and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations to come.

  3. Happy 2 year birthday to Craft with MAy! I think I’ve taken every single class and even though I might not get every project done, I love your videos and your friendliness and your ability to teach! Here’s to many more years!!

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