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When Buttons Galore asked me if I’d like to play with some buttons and make a project for this blog hop I said – of course! Normally my handcrafted holiday fun is more about gift wrapping, card making, and home décor but I’m always up for a new challenge. If you’re new to my blog and finding me via the blog hop – welcome! Please do leave me a comment.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (1)

For a project like mine you’ll need a blank notebook, a bunch of buttons (I used buttons galore wood, plum pudding, and purple passion mixes) as well as some clear-drying liquid adhesive, alphabet stickers, beads, and glitter glue.


To start off with in a pale color pen draw your desired shape on the cover. This is just a marking to help you place your adhesive.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (2)

Next up, fill the shape with liquid adhesive.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (3)

Now the fun really begins! Add your alphabet stickers first (if using any), and then begin filling one side of your shape. Note that a lone wood veneer heart got into the mix with mine – I’m all for using what you’ve got!

mayflaum_buttonjournal (4)

The next step is simply to continue filling in your shape. LOTS of liquid adhesive is a good thing! I also recommend working with some larger shapes first, then filling in with smaller buttons.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (5)

Once the shape really starts looking good you can layer some buttons (small) atop other buttons for more dimension and to take care of any awkward gaps.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (6)

Once you’re done with buttons it’s time to have some fun with beads!

mayflaum_buttonjournal (7)

Any beads will work here. Epoxy dots, glitter glue, tiny micro beads or buttons, and other small items also are good choices. We’re going to just pour some beads all over, then shake off the excess.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (8)

If some are sticking where you don’t want beads stuck, just grab a paintbrush and assist them either to where you would like some more beads, or just scoop them off the project entirely.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (9)

Let your project fully dry, and then if desired add in dimensional paint or glitter glue to fill in any final spots that need it.

mayflaum_buttonjournal (10)

This project is so much fun, and you can decorate the cover of a simple notebook, journal, artist sketchbook, art journal, or even scrapbook album and customize a gift for a loved one while having a lot of fun too. This is also a great project to have school age children help out with – I know mine sure do love playing with buttons!



HANDMADE HOLIDAYS SPONSORS Thank you to Buttons Galore for asking me to rock some button craftiness today (you know I’m always up for that!) it was a lot of fun. I love how this project turned out and can’t wait to delight a friend with it this Christmas.

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51 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays 2015 Blog Hop”

  1. Wow!!!!!! I *love* this project, May! I adore purple anyway, but I really love all the dimension and the way you filled in with the tiny beads. You totally rocked this.

  2. I love this notebook idea. The colors are awesome, too. Great stuff, as always, from you. Michelle t

  3. LOve this project! The colors of those buttons are fabulous & those beads really set them off.
    What brand of glue did you use?

  4. I love this project. This year I am making ornaments for gifts and handmade cards.

  5. Es precioso!! Me encanta el color y la idea de pegar botones es brillante. Gracias por la inspiración

  6. GORGEOUS heart and BEAUTIFUL book – LOVE IT ALL!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!
    AWESOME NEWS – I have been planning a canvas to celebrate our wedding anniversary for ever so long and NOW I KNOW what I want to do 🙂

  7. I just love this tutorial. The colors are great and I have all the items on hand. Thanks for sharing.

  8. good morning may.. love that journal.. what a great gift idea. this year I am making my christmas cards with gift certificates.. so there is going to be a tag with a cookie cutter and that is the theme. of the card. all kinds of cookie cutters out there snowmen snow flakes candy canes mittens.. all kinds of stuff. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project. it is gorgeous.

  9. Love your project! Playing with buttons is so fun! I have a couple ideas that I have on my to do list. I love the addition of the beads – so cool! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  10. Totally LOVE it! And the little bit of wood mixed in with the shiny buttons and beads atop the rustic book cover WORKS! This would work for a wall hanging as well as the book you made. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing

  11. Cute project. Great way to use up all my buttons.

  12. This is really lovely. I have a stash of buttons that I will have to sort through so I can make something like this.

  13. I just love how you used your buttons and filling in with beads really added that extra little bling. So cute!

  14. Oh my….I’m so inspired. I just finished my draft Christmas card for this year having been motivated by an earlier post and here we go again. Awesome talent! Thank You.

  15. Cool!! I love this book cover so much!!!! IT will help to keep all my notes and ideas buttoned up!! LOL TFS

  16. Lovely book. Crafting with my kids lately and it is a lot of fun. Made some little gift bags for friends for Halloween – without much candy 🙂 It was a lot of fun!

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