Adventures of Ranger & Scrappy: One on the desk…

First a quick shopping alert: today on Amazon I was doing some affiliate link making and planning for some future posts and such… and I found a bunch of Buttons Galore button favorites on mine on sale. You’ll have to click around at the color options – but many were showing as under $6 which is a steal! Consider yourself enabled. Here’s a link.

Now to the good stuff:


No dogs were harmed and loads of cookies were paid for this photo taken for National Dog Day just for fun to post on Instagram. Our adventures here are wacky like that.

4 thoughts on “Adventures of Ranger & Scrappy: One on the desk…”

  1. Very cute puppy picture. I was glad to learn of Buttons Galore from you, as my button stash has shrunk to alarmingly small proportions. 🙂

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