“The Camping Album” update

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I don’t scrapbook 99% of our camping adventures. Well, not in the traditional sense. Last year when we dove into the adventure of trailer ownership and campground fun I got a 6×8 Simple Stories Album, some Project Life and other journaling cards, and I also take a pen or two on the road. The cards are right there blank in the page protectors – I just pull out an empty page protector + cards of my choice and work!

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While out camping I write out journaling cards and tuck ephemera in here and there.

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Back at home I add printed photos (just print 4×6 and crop if needed), and embellish if spaces are left over.  In addition to divided pages, there are also simple (so you can make a 6×8 page) protectors too. Those I don’t use too often, unless I want a title page of sorts.

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What works great about this system for me is that it’s quick (I caught up on a 10 day trip once home in less than an hour!), it lets met tell stories of each day and get a TON of detail – everything from our campsite #s to our meals made to stops we enjoyed, and it takes all pressure off to “scrapbook” these adventures.

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Once in a while a page gets made for the annual album, but it’s only if inspired + I have a lot of photos. Otherwise, we just look at and enjoy the simple and functional scrapbook that has also become a resource for referencing past successes (and fails!).

7 thoughts on ““The Camping Album” update”

  1. Great album. I love this idea. It’s funny I started doing 6×8 layouts as a small break of sorts. They focus on “smaller” stories, or small snippets of the here and there. I did a 6×8 layout of my babies’ favorite board book, with a photo of the old beat up much loved book. I only have a few, but I like them. I don’t have an album for them yet. Anyways, I love this idea, and how you can capture your memories as you’re making them. Michelle t

  2. Bit you are scrapbooking, May! It’s all about capturing the memories. So much easier to do while you’re actually experiencing it, rather than wait (possibly years!) until you finally decide to get those pictures in an album. Looks like you all are having a great time on the camping circuit.

  3. May, Great layouts, your daughter is so cute, she is looking just like her mama !!!! I love doing the 6×6 albums, I love the project life, it makes it so fast when you want to do a roll of pic’s in a hurry. thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great album! Do you go into more detail about it in the vacation class that ran live earlier this year? That is the one class I didn’t join only because we rarely go on vacation. Now I’m regretting it! I always get a bunch of ideas from your classes.

  5. You have me laughing out loud at the thought of camping fails! I love those little 6×8 albums and have two in the works myself. Sigh, you do make me want a camper 🙂

  6. My husband is a private pilot and we have a small plane we take little trips in, sometimes even just to go for a flight and stop at a small airport to get lunch, other times actual vacations. I started something similar with a smash book just to keep track of all the flights and lunch spots. 🙂

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