May’s picks: Summer 2015

It isn’t often that I do recommendations/lists. However I’ve got a few great ones and I want to share.

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#1 + #2: Secret Garden Postcards & Enchanted Forest

DSC_2952 copy

Huge love for these new books of coloring fun! The original Secret Garden book kept me company when I was recovering from surgery a few years back Рand it is so much fun. Intricate detailed nature images some complex some simple Рthe perfect way to practice your coloring! I really like the postcards because it is single sided and would be great for mailing off!  Both of these are available at Amazon. The Postcards are available also at Simon Says Stamp.

#3: Spy Movie

This movie wasn’t just good. It was fantastic. It didn’t slow down for even one second, and Melissa McCarthy was so sharp, and her character so amazing and talented (just lacking some self esteem/confidence issues!) and I loved that. She was strong, capable, amazing. Not to mention the funniest and sharpest! Combine this with my love of spy movies/shows anyhow (and Jason Statham… he was so good) and this was a winner for me. I strongly recommend if you watch the trailer and think it looks good!

#4: ILNP nail polish

Thanks to Kristina Werner for being the kind of friend who enables me.

DSC_2927 copy

These polishes are so smooth to apply, and they have such a GREAT sparkle! You know I love sparkle- glad to have found these! I got them direct and the company had them to me in 2 days, free shipping, and super cute tissue wrapping too. Love that!

Sadly, no books to recommend at this time! Here’s hoping for some great reads this month…

3 thoughts on “May’s picks: Summer 2015”

  1. Thanks, May! Was hoping for you to work up a list like this. Only cause I love seeing what everyone else is into. Been thinking about those coloring books, I figure they’d be perfect for practice, and I like the idea of the postcards, too. I’ve heard great things about The Night Circus, I want to get that from the library, but I’ve been so wrapped up in parenting books. (Soon to be 16 yr old twin boys along with an almost 11 yr old girl have me running for the parenting shelves at the library). Anyway, thanks for the recommendations. Michelle t

  2. 1. Also a fan of Johann’s coloring books, I recently bought a small Secret garden notebook at the paper source!!
    2. If you love Melissa McCarthy as much as I do, be sure to see last year’s movie with Bill Murray, St. Vincent. Very good!!

  3. That movie looks hilarious! And I’ve had my eye on those colouring books for a whole! Thanks May!

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