Art Journal: Happy Life


Still playing with the Dina Wakley paint + applicator combined with the Dylusions paints. REALLY love this combo so far! In my art journaling classes I always tell my students that I never write in fear- I write exactly what I think. let it ALL OUT…. then I can cover it up I part or fully with art.

In this case I was ranting. Angry as heck about a situation that came across my desk.  I circled the one part “happy life” and  pretty much covered up the rest. It got a little rant-y and long winded and random. But that’s ok! It let me vent harmlessly into my journal, and then I played.


I love the contrast of writing about something painful or negative and turning that into something pretty. In this case a big bold flower full of life. Also in play are some stamps I should use more and my white Faber Castell pen (the white dots) – simple and fun play.


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3 thoughts on “Art Journal: Happy Life”

  1. Great page. I do this, too. Sometimes I do cover it, but sometimes I don’t. No one will see mine anyway. I actually can’t wait for my birthday, as I really want to try the Dylusions paints, and the tips too. Thanks for sharing your work. Michelle t

  2. So cool that you could make something so beautiful out of a bad situation! Those colours are just amazing

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