4 thoughts on “Faber-Castell tutorial”

  1. Checked it out and loved it-even though i now have to add a few things to my FC stash.I have yet to try my hand at anything mixed media-but this really inspired me-thank you!

  2. Loved it, May. You totally rocked this canvas and it’s lovely. Inspiring, too. Michelle t

  3. Hey, sorry I know I already commented, but I’d meant to leave a more detailed one and lost my train of thought. I’ve gone back and re read the blog post a few times because it’s just so inspired. The detail with the buttons and it looked like you painted them, and the flower you drew with the Faber Castell product is so beautiful, really awesome. The phrase you chose for it, perfect. A favorite project of yours, most definitely. I so admire you. Michelle t

  4. Love it May! I thought that main flower was a stamp and I was going to ask you which one! Then I saw that you drew it!

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